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Israeli regime imprisons, tortures Palestinian children

Crescent International

Every act of the zionist regime is illegal, starting with its occupation of the Palestinians' land. It compounds its crimes by arresting, imprisoning in Israeli jails and then abusing and torturing Palestinians including children. There are at least 250 Palestinian children in Israeli prisons suffering abuse and torture.


Saturday October 18, 2014, 10:02 DST

The Middle East’s “only democracy”—Zionist Israel—has not only honed its skills in murdering innocent Palestinians as it did during the 50-day onslaught on Gaza (July-August 2014) but it also abuses and tortures Palestinian children.

Among the more than 6,000 Palestinian political prisoners held in various Israeli jails, there are at least 250 Palestinian children—yes, children as of this report. And what was these children’s crime? Throwing stones at Israeli armored personnel carriers!

According to the Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights’ report released at the end of June 2014, Israeli forces have detained more than 3,000 Palestinian children since 2010. The report further said 75 percent of the children are subjected to physical torture and 25 percent face military trials. Arresting Palestinians and transferring them to Israeli jails is against International Law. Holding children, some as young as 5 years old, is also in violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child that Israel ratified in 1991. The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights report listed a series of violations practiced by Israeli forces against children during the arrest process itself, where the Israeli forces raid the children's homes after midnight as they sleep using actions that terrorize the child and his family, without clear justification or an actual security need.

The Zionist parasitical state that receives $3 billion in US aid annually (adding other channels, this amounts to some $15 billion annually), however, is not constrained by any legal niceties. After all, it has illegally occupied the West Bank and other parts of Palestine and transferred its own population there in contravention of the occupation power’s responsibilities, again, in violation of the Geneva Conventions and International Law.

America’s unflinching support of Zionist crimes makes it complicit in such crimes. Further, while 50 million Americans live in dire poverty and 40 million children in the US have no medical insurance, these terrifying statistics have not deterred US officials from shoveling more dollars into the bottomless pit called Israel. It is, however, the abuse and torture of Palestinian children held in Israeli prisons and the US’s silence over such crimes that reveals the true nature of both regimes.

Of the 250 imprisoned Palestinian children, about 100 are held at the Ofer Israeli military prison. Most of them are in need of immediate medical and psychological care, according to Rami al-Alami, who supervises Palestinian children at the military prison. He has said that the children are kept in very poor unsanitary conditions and being abused and tortured by Israeli guards, notorious for sadism, especially when it comes to Palestinians.

Given that Israeli textbooks present Palestinians as sub-human, terrorists and untrustworthy, it is not surprising that prison guards would indulge in such abuse. Prison guards everywhere, including in the US, develop an attitude in which they come to believe that they can do whatever they like with prisoners in their control. Instead of guarding them, the guards become torturers.

That explains why there are at least 6,000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails. It is truly an outlaw regime!

When such attitude is officially promoted, it is not surprising that Palestinian prisoners, including children would be abused and tortured. There is a common attitude among Zionists that Palestinian children will grow up to become terrorists so it is alright to torture them now for “crimes” they may commit in the future. The imprisoned children are even denied basic rights, such as education, proper treatment and medical care, according to Rami al-Alami. The illegality of Israeli actions begin at source: arresting minors, transferring them to Israel and then putting them on trial in military courts are all illegal acts under International Law.

Further, most detainees are never brought before even a military court. Their detention is simply extended by six-month periods by a military official under what is euphemistically referred to as ‘Administrative Detention’. This is a play on words to soften the impact of Israel’s illegal actions. Under the so-called administrative detention policy that “allows” for detention of Palestinians for a six-month period without having to press charges or bring them before a court, Palestinians are held for years.

That explains why there are at least 6,000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails. It is truly an outlaw regime!


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