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Israel turning Gaza into Papillon’s Devil’s Island prison

Crescent International

Friday August 11, 2017

Gaza has been referred to as the “largest open-air prison” in the world. Besieged on three sides by Israel including the Mediterranean Sea, the fourth side is blocked by Egypt.

As if this were not bad enough where the nearly two million Gazans suffer from extreme malnutrition and polluted water according to the UN, Israel is building a huge wall around the besieged Strip.

It is no ordinary wall, as an Israeli military commander Major General Eyal Zamir explained. Not only is the construction being accelerated to be completed in two years, the 64-kilometer-long wall has some unusual features.

Comprising concrete planks and sensors, it will reach a depth of 40 meters below ground and 6 meters above the ground.

The ostensible reason for this unusual wall that would turn Gaza into an even tighter prison like the Devil’s Island in the movie, Papillon, from which there will be no escape, is to prevent Palestinians from digging tunnels to get into Israel.

Israel has already installed a huge fence on illegally occupied Palestinian land. The wall will also be built on illegally occupied land and run parallel to the fence.

In July 2004, the International Court of Justice ruled that it is illegal for Israel to build anything on occupied lands. The Zionists, however, are not constrained by legalities.

The entire Zionist enterprise is illegal. The Zionist entity has been created on illegally occupied Palestinian land.

The wall project is expected to cost approximately $834 million that the Zionists will get the Americans to pay for. As a non-viable state, it depends of American largesse for survival.

While perpetrating another illegal act, the Israeli general had the gall to warn the Islamic resistance movement Hamas not to do anything to foil the wall construction.

It truly takes chutzpah!

What Israel wants to do is to starve the people of Gaza into submission. The Gazans have no land routes through which they can get food, water or medicines.

They are prohibited from getting construction material to rebuild the devastated Gaza Strip due to successive Israeli attacks in 2008, 2012 and as recently as July 2014.

Israel’s latest illegal act will only increase hatred for the Zionist entity and its criminal acts.

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