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America’s favorite terrorists!

Crescent International

Declassified US government documents show that the current Daesh ringleader, Muhammad Sa‘id Abd-al-Rahman al-Mawla, had served as a US informant.

This fits well into the overall framework of events in the Muslim world over several decades.

Quoting from US regime documents, the Washington Post report of April 7 states that “as spelled out over 53 partially redacted reports, Mawla’s cooperation with American forces included assisting with artists’ sketches of top terrorism suspects, and identifying restaurants and cafes where his erstwhile comrades preferred to dine.”

Years ago, US links to takfiri terrorists in the Muslim world were reported only by alternate media outlets and dismissed as conspiracy theories.

Today, it is widely accepted as reality.

The astonishing aspect of the latest Post report is not the already known fact of US cooperation with takfiri terrorist leaders.

The more serious issue is, why the Western public and mainstream media are not asking deeper questions.

Knowing that Mawla was a mid-ranking Daesh member with blood on his hands, why did the US military release him from detention?

Was Mawla given a green light to commit crimes against Iraqis and Syrians if he continued to act as US informer?

Is Mawla still being handled by US forces and his destructive militia utilized as proxy?

The Western corporate media is unlikely to ask these questions directly.

The Post’s report on Daesh was not the only recently published information that exposed the takfiri terrorist enterprise in the Muslim world.

According to the London-based Middle East Eye, Egyptian security forces regularly sell out their own informants to Daesh terrorists.

Those familiar with the basics of fighting terrorism know that human intelligence is the most crucial instrument in defeating terrorist outfits.

If the Egyptian regime is serious about defeating terrorists on its soil, why would it undermine its own intelligence network?

The response to these questions is rooted in the billions of dollars regional autocratic regimes have been receiving from Western countries under the guise of fighting terrorism.

If terrorism is defeated, autocracies in West Asia dependent on hand-outs from Western regimes will lose their usefulness and thus, funding.

Thy will, therefore, continue to do their outmost to make sure terrorism exists to milk their foreign masters.

The same applies to the Western military industrial complex, for whom existence of chaos and insecurity in West Asia provide opportunities for hefty government funding.

Autocratic US surrogates in West Asia like Egypt, the UAE and the Saudi regime receive billions in military equipment.

These regimes are too incompetent to use such equipment.

It is only used to suppress their own citizens or to colonize other people.

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