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The inherently corrupt US political system

Crescent International

Corrupt political system is as American as apple pie, or McDonald’s.

The latest manifestation of this is reflected in Donald Trump’s inquiries on preemptively pardoning his family, close associates and even himself.

To pardon someone—preemptively or otherwise—means a crime has been committed.

Trump’s inquiries clearly indicate that he, his family and close associates including his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani (yes, a lawyer!) have committed crimes for which they could be charged and sent to prison.

The list of Trump’s misdemeanors is very long.

His children as well as his son-in-law Jared Kushner are all part of the crime syndicate.

While no past president has used preemptive pardoning, according to a report by Reuters, “in 2001, former President Bill Clinton pardoned his brother, Roger, who was convicted for cocaine possession in Arkansas. Clinton pardoned about 450 people, including a Democratic Party donor, Marc Rich, who fled the country because of tax evasion charges.”

Trump is not a freak phenomenon of the US political system.

However, just like many other US officials, he reflects the deeply corrupt American political system.

As described by Forbes in 2009, “con men, swindlers and cheaters pay bribes. Sophisticates hire lobbyists because lobbyists get better, more lasting results while only rarely landing in the slammer.”

Lobbying is an integral part of the US political system.

Thus, when we hear that the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar was imposed shortly after Jared Kushner’s family business was unsuccessful in hustling money from Qatar’s rulers, we should not be surprised.

This is how the US political system works.

Joseph Massad, in his analysis for the Middle East Eye, wrote: “Donald Trump is a creation of white American liberalism’s own trajectory, not a contradiction to it.”

The US political system has mastered the art of propaganda and unfortunately many poorly informed people fall for it.

For example, we often here how Abraham Lincoln emancipated African American slaves.

Lincoln’s primary motive was not to grant them freedom.

He had an altogether different agenda: to undermine the South’s war effort during the civil war and encourage African Americans to join the Northern army.

Also, once the war was over, initially Lincoln was planning to expel the freed slaves back to Africa, a continent with which many had by now little or no connection.

Trump is morally bankrupt. He is a narcissist and a compulsive liar and certified crook.

His attempt to preemptively pardon his family and even himself is part of his corrupt DNA.

The rest of the world should be glad that his ignorance and lack of political experience have unmasked the true face of the US empire.

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