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Rabi' al-Thani, 14452023-11-01

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 9

Main Stories

Israeli Neo-Nazis’ Genocidal War On Palestinians

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Characterizing Israel’s war on Palestine as a war against Hamas is false. Hamas represents the will of the Palestinian people but zionist Israel is killing Palestinian babies, mothers and the elderly. It has destroyed hospitals, schools, clinics and apartment buildings. It is genocide.


Demonizing Hamas To Justify Israel’s Genocide In Gaza


Telling lies is part of politics, especially in the west. Politicians, however, lie to promote the interests of their own countries. In zionist Israel’s case, western politicians tell lies to justify zionist crimes against the Palestinian people. It is truly disgraceful.


Pakistan’s Army-led Political Farce Continues

Zafar Bangash

Pakistani politics are a farce. Despite its immense potential, the country is on the verge of bankruptcy. The army refuses to allow a normal political process to continue. The men in khaki have messed up the country since its creation and are running it into the ground.


An Ounce Of Discretion Is Better Than A Pound Of Knowledge

Abu Dharr

If Muslims study the early period of Islamic history after the Prophet (pbuh) left this earthly abode carefully, they will discover that there was no polarization between Umar ibn al-Khattab and Imam Ali. True, they had their independent opinions on issues but there was no ill-will whatsoever.

News & Analysis

Western Lies Aimed At Delegitimizing Palestinian Struggle

Ayman Ahmed

In war, truth is the first casualty but in Israel’s latest onslaught on Palestinians, western rulers have crossed all limits telling bald-faced lies. Such lies are easily refuted due to social media but that has not deterred western politicians from telling them in a failed attempt to delegitimize Palestinian struggle.

News & Analysis

Will Muslim East + BRICS Liberate Palestine?

Kevin Barrett

The outpouring of sympathy and support for Palestinians in the face of zionist barbarism is so huge that despite US pressure, most regimes in the Muslim East and North Africa have refused to abide by Washington’s demands. At least in public, they have spoken in favour of Palestine.

News & Analysis

Prisoners: Palestinians And Israelis

Waseem Shehzad

Hamas’s capture of Israeli prisoners, erroneously called “hostages”, gives huge advantage to the Palestinians resisting zionist aggression. Israel is holding more than 10,000 Palestinians. We highlight the contrasting treatment of the two sets of prisoners to show who is civilized and who is the barbarian.

News & Analysis

What Would Russia Do If War On Palestine Goes Regional?

Ahmet Mehmet

Russian moves since the escalation of conflict in Palestine clearly indicate what Moscow will do if the conflict spills into the wider region. Russia will side with the Palestinians, Iran and Hizbullah and confront Israel’s American and western backers.

News & Analysis

Israel-Palestine Conflict: China Will Choose West Asia Over The west

Omar Ahmed

China has given strong indication that it supports the Palestinians’ struggle against their occupiers. Both zionist Israel and its western backers are disappointed but Beijing is determined to forge an independent policy based on truth and justice.

News & Analysis

Beware Of Enemies’ Plot to Sow Discord Among Muslims

Salina Khan

Whenever a crisis erupts in any part of the Muslim world, there are those who would sow discord and confusion. The current crisis over Israel’s barbarous attack on Palestine is no exception. Muslims must be vigilant and not fall for such divisive propaganda.

News & Analysis

The High-flying Afghani

Zia Sarhadi

If most people are unaware of what the Afghan currency is called, they cannot be blamed. The Afghani is not a major global currency but it is doing exceedingly well against the US dollar. How have the Taliban managed to stabilize their currency while others have failed?

Islamic Movement

Muslims In South Africa: The Islamic Movement Perspective

Imran Khan

Most Muslims in South Africa and around the world have a positive view of the African National Congress-led government. The reality is very different. It is time to have a more realistic assessment of the ANC and see its Black African nationalism for what it is: racism.

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