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Western Lies Aimed At Delegitimizing Palestinian Struggle

Ayman Ahmed

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If one were to get a dollar for exposing each western or zionist lie, it would not take long to become a millionaire. While western and zionist rulers are compulsive liars, in Israel’s latest onslaught on Gaza, they have superseded their past record.

Why do western rulers need to lie if Israel occupies, supposedly, the high moral ground? Zionist Israel is a murderous entity that was born in and sustained through relentless terror and lies. That is why there is a constant need to tell lies to obfuscate its crimes.

It would be tedious to recount all the horrors the zionist criminals have perpetrated against the Palestinian people since it was illegally planted in the holy land. From the zionist myth of Palestine being the Biblical land promised to them in perpetuity by God, to Palestine being a land without a people, such myths have been assiduously peddled to justify zionist theft of Palestinian land.

Let us, however, focus on the current crisis and the endless lies told to justify zionist crimes. When US President Joe Biden landed in Tel Aviv on October 18, he said he was there to “show his personal support for Israel.” That is not new. He is a long-time self-proclaimed zionist.

The octogenarian president immediately told a bald-faced lie. Referring to Israel’s missile strike on Gaza’s Al-Ahli Hospital on October 17, Biden said “you [the Israelis] didn’t do it.”

“And, based on what I’ve seen, it appears as though it was done by the other team, not you” (see also here), referring to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. What precisely did he see and who showed him the supposed evidence?

Two Israeli officials—Itamar Ben Gvir and Hananya Naftali, former advisor to Netanyahu—both applauded the missile strike on Al-Ahli Hospital. Ben Gvir is a neo-Nazi and has openly called for the extermination of the Palestinians. This is also the position of other Israeli officials although their pronouncements are carefully phrased. Naftali deleted his tweet soon afterwards but it had already been downloaded by many Palestinians. Was Biden unaware of the tweet?

His reference to the “other team” was equally insulting and meant to belittle the seriousness and scale of the attack. It is not some kind of a game to talk about “the other team”. The scale of destruction from the Ahli Hospital attack was massive. Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group simply does not have such a powerful missile or weapon in its arsenal. Only the zionist war criminals possess such weapons.

Besides, Israel had already issued warnings to at least 22 hospitals, including Al-Ahli, to vacate or it will bomb them. The hospital staff found it impossible to do so. Many patients in critical condition or on respirators would die if moved out of the hospital. Where would they go anyway?

Why did Biden have to travel all the way to Tel Aviv to tell such a lie? He could have told the same lie at home, as he has done on numerous occasions in recent days. It has to do with US domestic politics.

Presidential elections are due next year. Biden is trailing in the polls. He is desperate to garner the support of Israel lobby that has a stranglehold on US politics. American politicians have to out-zion rivals by showing loyalty, not once but repeatedly, to Israel. Does one need any more proof that America is a zionist colony?

Since the latest escalation as a result of Hamas’s bold operation on October 7 against the occupation forces, American, Canadian, British and Israeli officials have been outbidding each other in lies and vilification of Hamas. In unison they denounce, on a daily basis, the Islamic resistance movement as a “terrorist” organization. Their media experts have gone hoarse shouting “terrorist” on every program.

Any Palestinian or person even mildly fair-minded invited to a TV interview, is immediately asked: “Do you condemn Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel?” No such question is ever asked of any Israeli official or sympathizers whether they condemn Israel’s barbarous attacks against defenceless Palestinian civilians.

Western rulers have also tried to equate Hamas with Daesh (or ISIS) although this allegation has not stuck. The overwhelming majority of people even in western countries have rejected the vilification of Hamas and have come out in the thousands to support the Palestinians’ legitimate struggle to end occupation.

None of these officials or their advisors could be oblivious of the fact that Hamas, like Islamic Jihad, is a resistance movement. People under occupation have “the right to resist their occupiers by any means necessary.” In 1982, the UN General Assembly affirmed unambiguously through Resolution 37/43, the legitimacy of the struggle for independence, territorial integrity, national unity, and liberation from foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle. This resolution clearly recognized the right to use force against foreign illegal occupation, which it considers a serious threat to international peace and security, recalling the cases of Namibia and Palestine.

With such an unambiguous UN resolution, why do western officials continue to peddle anti-Palestinian propaganda? There are several reasons: immediate, historical as well as long-term. For the first time in history, the Palestinians were able to deliver a powerful blow to the zionists puncturing their arrogance. In the past, it was Israel that routinely attacked, killed and humiliated the Palestinians (and Arabs in general).

To overcome the shock, two actions were deemed necessary: a relentless campaign of vilification of Hamas through a barrage of lies, and to justify zionist crimes that are in clear violation of international law. If the terrorist label is affixed on Hamas, then any zionist crime can be justified. After all, who would support “terrorists”?

Let us list some of the bald-faced lies that western and zionist officials have peddled.

1: The latest crisis erupted because of Hamas’s attack on Israel. False.

The crisis dates back to 1947 when the UN General Assembly illegally handed over 56% of Palestine, without consulting the Palestinians, to 30% of the Jewish population. The majority of the Jews were illegally brought to Palestine from the 1920s onward.

2: Hamas fighters beheaded 40 Israeli babies and raped Israeli women. False.

This lie was started by the racist squatter/settler David Ben Zion. It was spread by TV channel i24, that is financed by the Israeli foreign ministry. The reporter, Nicole Zedek’s twitter and Facebook accounts received millions of viewers before she issued a correction.

Western media outlets like the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, CBS News, Britain’s Sky News and The Independent, in addition to the tabloid press, gave this lie wide coverage. The LA Times retracted the story late on October 9.

3: Despite LA Times’ retraction, Biden still repeated the babies’ beheading story at a press conference on October 10. The following day, he spiced it up even more by saying he had seen pictures of beheaded babies and raped Israeli women. Both claims were utterly false and had already been debunked. Even the Israeli army denied the beheading claims.

4: When contacted by US media outlets for proof of the beheaded babies’ photos, the White House issued a correction saying the president had not seen the photos. He was referring to Israeli media reports! That was also a lie though with a slight walk back. At his meeting with American Jewish leaders, Biden was explicit in his beheading claims and the denunciation of Hamas. Here is link to a more detailed exposure of western and zionist lies.

When the plan is to perpetrate a genocide, massive lies have to be told to cover up. This is what the west and zionist Israel do best. They have a lot of experience doing this.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 9

Rabi' al-Thani 17, 14452023-11-01

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