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Dhu al-Hijjah, 14442023-07-01

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 5

Main Stories

Israel Has Normalized The Killing Of Palestinian Children

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Zionist occupation forces have intensified their campaign of killing Palestinians, especially children. Last month witnessed a new level of zionist barbarism targeting children.

Main Stories

Can Aid-dependent Countries Claim To Be Independent?

Zafar Bangash

Most countries, especially Muslim countries, cannot be considered independent since their governments are unable to formulate policies independent of the predatory imperialist powers.


The Zionist Disease


Zionism is not only a racist ideology it is also a disease that has infected many people. It has to be eradicated to have a healthy society in Palestine.


Intellectual Challenges Facing Muslims

Zafar Bangash

Most Muslims respond positively to any call for establishing Islamic laws in society. While an average person does not have the capacity to do so, many Muslim intellectuals have also unfortunately fallen under the influence of western thought and are unable to offer direction.


From Our Ancestors Come Our Names; From Our Virtues Our Honor

Abu Dharr

In his continuing discussion of what constitutes Quraish, Abu Dharr explains that it does not refer to the tribe but primarily those who were with the Prophet (pbuh) in Makkah and then migrated with him to Madinah.

News & Analysis

Syria’s Diplomatic Resurgence: Implications For Turkiye And The Region

Omar Ahmed

Syria’s return to the Arab fold means the Arab regimes have realized that their attempt to overthrow Bashar al-Asad’s government in Syria by flooding it with mercenaries has failed. It inflicted immense suffering on the Syrian people but hopefully this tragic episode has ended.

News & Analysis

The US: A Has-been Superpower Still Insists On Wannabe Status!

Waseem Shehzad

Countries that once exercised dominance over global affairs find it difficult to adjust to the reality that they are no longer the top contender. This is what the US is currently going through: inability to admit that other powers have emerged to knock it off its stool.

News & Analysis

Growth Of BRICS And Its Impact On Global Politics

Brecht Jonkers

The bloc of countries that have formed BRICS pack a powerful economic punch. More countries are lining up to join the group whose collective economic and political clout is likely to soon eclipse the US dollar

News & Analysis

Can Pakistan Afford Its Army?

Zia Sarhadi

The army in Pakistan is an enormously expensive institution. It consumes more than 50 per cent of the country’s budget countless other resources. The army, however, has failed to fulfill its primary function of defending the country’s borders. Can Pakistan afford such an army?

News & Analysis

Pakistan Under De Facto Martial Law

Tahir Mustafa

While there may be a civilian regime by name in Pakistan, the reality is that the country is under de facto martial law. No policy can be implemented without the military’s approval. Politicians carry the negative fallout of ill-conceived policies while the army is cushioned from opprobrium.

News & Analysis

When An Anti-Islam False Flag Shut Down The US Capitol

Kevin Barrett

The Anthrax scare that followed on the heels of the 911 attacks was a false flag operation that was soon exposed but not before it had created enough hysteria against Muslims in the US.

News & Analysis

Sexualizing Flag Poles And Indoctrinating Young Children

Khadijah Ali

The manner in which LGBTQ agenda is being pushed down the throats of people, especially young children has assumed alarming proportions. Parents are being shut out from any discussion but finally parents seem to have had enough and they are fighting back.

News & Analysis

US No Longer The Top Cop To Demand Deference

Tahir Mahmoud

Few countries are willing to take America's charm offensive seriously. They see it as fake and are not prepared to defer to US demands anymore. Washington also no longer commands respect because it has little or nothing to offer to the rest of the world.

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