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Ramadan, 14412020-05-01

Crescent International Vol. 49, No. 3

Main Stories

Coronavirus vs. US Economy: Chaotic Devastation or Targeted Strike?

Kevin Barrett

The US economy has been devastated by the pandemic. While the Trump regime has sent a single check of $1200 with his name on it to individuals as if this is from his personal account, trillions are going to the too-big-to-fail corporations. It is casino capitalism at its best!

Main Stories

India’s Policy of Genocide and Demographic Changes in Kashmir

Tahir Mahmoud

India is not only guilty of perpetrating genocide in Kashmir, it has also embarked on a policy of demographic change, taking a leaf from the Zionist policy book in Occupied Palestine.


Ramadan under Quarantine!

Zafar Bangash

This Ramadan is unlike any other Muslims have experienced in history. While under virtual lockdown, it should remind us that there are millions of people under permanent lockdown as well as hundreds of millions going hungry to bed.


What the Prophet (P) Said versus What We are Told He Said

Abu Dharr

Some Muslims have elevated hadiths to the same level as the Qur’an and even more than the Qur’an (nastaghfirullah). It is time to sift the hadith literature to distinguish the genuine hadith from those that cannot be fully verified. Abu Dharr embarks on this arduous task.


COVID-19 Ushers Global Power Shift


The pandemic has exposed the US as a failed state. Others have done far better looking after their citizens. Dramatic changes are underway with countries realigning their policies and relations moving away from reliance on the US.

News & Analysis

Terrified of COVID-19, Saudi Royals Go into Hiding!

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Can anyone escape death? The Bani Saud ruling clan thinks it can, by hiding on remote islands to avoid infection by the coronavirus. But what if their time is up; will they be able to escape death?

News & Analysis

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Mockingbird Media Slams Russia, China, Cuba for Helping Coronavirus Victims

Kevin Barrett

Far from appreciating the help China, Russia and Cuba have extended to other countries including the US, the corporate media has embarked on a disinformation campaign to accuse these countries of ulterior motives.

News & Analysis

Despite Sanctions, Islamic Iran’s Remarkable Recovery from the Pandemic

Waseem Shehzad

Islamic Iran has achieved notable success in the rate of recovery of coronavirus patients. It is among the top two or three countries in the world despite America’s illegal sanctions that have caused much dislocation to its economy.

News & Analysis

Central Asia: COVID-19 and the Decline of Oil Prices, a Storm in the Making?

Akhmet Makhmoudov

The autocratic regimes in Central Asia and the Caucasus are feeling the heat as a result of the pandemic (that they deny) and the falling oil prices (that they cannot deny). Will the survive the expected storm?

News & Analysis

Coronavirus is also a Political Catalyst

Tahir Mustafa

The Persian Gulf and the broader Middle East region are undergoing major changes as a result of US failures in coming to the aid of those that had relied on it for support in the past

News & Analysis

Hindu Fascists Blame Muslims for COVID-19

Hayy Yaqzan

The Modi regime and its fascist stormtroopers blame Muslims for everything that goes wrong in India. The latest accusation is that Muslims have spread the virus in India. Hospitals are refusing to treat Muslim patients and in many instances keeping them in separate wards from the Hindus!

News & Analysis

No Iftar Parties in 5-Star Hotels for Pakistani elite? What a Pity!

Zia Sarhadi

The pandemic has put paid to the lavish iftar parties of the Pakistani elite. While they do not fast, they must participate in iftar parties. This year, they have been deprived of this exercise in gluttony!

News & Analysis

Trump Clashes with Media on Coronavirus

Kevin Barrett

How does Trump fight the coronavirus? He attacks the media and blames everyone else for the pandemic. He refuses to take any responsibility but claims he has absolute authority!


Syria’s non-NATO Opposition

Ayman Ahmed

Syria’s genuine opposition groups that have always advocated a non-violent approach to change, have received scant attention in the Western media. We break this silence and reveal the genuine opposition, unlike the groups financed by the Western powers for their own ulterior agendas.

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