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Sha'ban, 14412020-04-01

Crescent International Vol. 49, No. 2


From 9/11 to Covid-19: al-Shaytan does not Sleep

Abu Dharr

Did the Coronavirus spread from animals (infected bats) to humans or was it made in a lab to target America’s enemies after its failures on the military fronts? Why China and Iran have been so badly affected? The Shaytani mind, it seems, never takes a break.

Main Stories

Multiple Theories about the Origin of the Coronavirus

Zafar Bangash

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the world. The US has become the new global epicenter. As the death toll mounts, so does the evidence that the virus was made in a US lab and spread against its enemies, China and Iran. It has come back to haunt the US.

Main Stories

MbS in Desperate Panic to Grab the Throne!

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

With the arrest of several senior ‘royals’ and scores of security personnel, crown prince Muhammad bin Salman’s panic is evident. Rumours have it that he wants to become king before the G-20 summit next November regardless of whether his father is alive or dead.

News & Analysis

Hindutva: India’s Other Deadly Virus

Khadijah Ali

Alongside the Coronavirus, another virus—Hindutva—is raging across India. But unlike the coronavirus, the Hindutva virus does not cripple those afflicted by it; instead, it leads them to target minorities especially Muslims in India.

News & Analysis

Iran & Palestine Face Double Whammy: Sanctions & Covid-19

Iqbal Jassat

Unlike other countries, Iran and Palestine face two challenges: illegal sanctions and siege, and the coronavirus. Both have devasted their populations.

Special Reports

US Whisks Khiam Torturer Out of Lebanon

Waseem Shehzad

Amer Fakhoury, a notorious torturer and Zionist agent, escaped justice when he was whisked out of Lebanon by the US. He was warden at the Zionist-supervised, SLA-run infamous Khiam concentration camp where Lebanese strugglers including women and children were brutally tortured until its liberation in May 2000.


Ramadan, The Noble Qur’an and Muslims’ Responsibility


This Ramadan is likely to be very different from the Muslims’ past experiences. Since the revelation of the noble Qur’an is intimately linked with Ramadan, Muslims should utilize this opportunity to understand the Divine message to implement it in their lives.

Special Reports

Post-US Withdrawal Plots Against Afghanistan

Zia Sarhadi

The US and its NATO allies do not give up on mischief. They may withdraw all forces from Afghanistan but their destabilization activities will not cease.


Life in the age of COVID-19

Zafar Bangash

While Covid-19 has scared the living daylights of everyone, life will be very different from now on provided one survives the pandemic.

News & Analysis

Bernie Sanders (and American People) Cheated Again by Billionaire Oligarchs

Kevin Barrett

The American political system is so corrupt that it will not allow the legitimate wishes of the people to be realized. This was again witnessed in the manner in which Bernie Sanders’ campaign was sabotaged by billionaire oligarchs to select Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee.

Special Reports

Political Angle of the Saudi-Russian Economic War

Ayman Ahmed

The Saudis are not likely to get away with their disruptive oil policy that is affecting Russian interests. There will be blowback and it will cost the Saudis more than they bargained for.

News & Analysis

As Syria Reclaims Its Territory, Turkey Faces Tough Choices

Kevin Barrett

Turkish-backed terrorists have started to target Turkish troops in Syria and are violating the March 5 agreement between Moscow and Ankara. This has put Erdogan in a quandary. He should abandon his support for the terrorists and bring to end this terrible project.

Islamic Movement

Umrah: Journey in Time for Spiritual Elevation

Hayy Yaqzan

For most Muslims, Umrah is a ritual that they perform without realizing its broader significance. Our Editorial Board member narrates a very different experience that should give everyone food for thought.


Feminism and How it Impacts the Building Blocks of Society

Huda Z

Has Feminism helped women or hindered their progress and negatively impacted their lives? We take a closer look.

News & Analysis

Broader Look at Russia-Israel Partnership

Akhmet Makhmoudov

It is commonly believed that Russia intervened in Syria at the end of September 2015 to save the government of Bashar al Asad. There is another opinion: it did so to undermine the influence of Hizbullah and Iran in Syria at the behest of Zionist Israel with whom Russia has hidden but deep relations.


Lab-Made Coronavirus Triggers Debate

Jef Akst

Why did American scientists produce the coronavirus in the lab as early as November 2015? It raises serious questions about the US’ nefarious designs.

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