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From 9/11 to Covid-19: al-Shaytan does not Sleep

Abu Dharr

With the US military unwilling to embark on new misadventures after the disastrous experiences of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, it seems the American establishment has embarked on biological warfare. Does it take too much imagination to understand why China and Iran were the principal early targets? But the shaytani plots do not remain confined to those that initiate them; they have a way of rebounding on their perpetrators. (Photo: Hawaii Independent)

The whole world is abuzz with news and analyses about the Corona virus (Covid-19). The mainstream media talking-heads are stuffing our heads and plugging our ears with all sorts of scenarios about how dangerous this vicious virus is – potentially devastating the lives of millions of people around the world. All of this is reminiscent of the hullabaloo that accompanied September 11, 2001 with all its panic panorama and scare tactics.

Any person with common sense who has become clogged by seeing and hearing the establishmentarian media would get the impression that we are approaching the apocalyptic end of times! We say: Hold your horses! Let us relish a moment of withdrawal from this worldwide echo chamber of death and destruction to take a calm and clearheaded look at this mass-produced hysteria and madness.

With the advantage of hindsight, 9/11 was a devious and sneaky declaration of war against an Islamic potential for self-determination emanating within the “Sunni” sphere of Islam. Unhappily, many “Sunnis” were trapped into this warfare. Their entrapment would have been impossible had it not been for the regimes in the Arabian Peninsula who were supporting them (read tricking and trapping them) with generous largesse, logistics, legalities, loans, etc. And due to the underdevelopment of an Islamic thinking political and ideological mind these “Sunni” Muslims, many of whom were affiliated with Islamic Movements, were jammed into this worldwide contrived crisis; thus “the war on terrorism”, and “the 4th world war”, and a “war that may continue for over a hundred years.”

Events, though, did not unfold the way the master masons of this contrived crisis desired. There was no “democratization of the Middle East”—the Neo-con catchphrase; there was no “New Middle East”, US secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s words, and there were no dominos falling (the seven nation states that were targeted by the Pentagon). The whole strategy of George Bush the son, Dick Cheney the son’s vice, Donald Rumsfeld, the Pentagon’s top gun, and the rest of the neo-conservative clique turned out to be the most devastating foreign policy stratagem in the history of the United States.

That neo-conservative gang is nowhere to be found today: no TV interviews, no articles for the press, not even a whisper! They will probably spend the rest of their lives safeguarded by the classified state secrets that will only be declassified after they bite the dust. That would be too late to take them to a secular court of law as they will be hastily approaching Allah’s Final Judgment.

As for the many-sided Islamic Movement members who got ensnared in this worldwide Imperialist, Saudi, Israeli Strategy, they have yet to wake up and examine and investigate why and how they got locked into this shaytani agenda.

These days, instead of a worldwide law-enforcement rationale for a war against Islamic self-determination, we have a medical rationale specter for furthering the war against Islamic self-determination. This time around, the main target is not freedom seeking “Sunni” Muslims; it is freedom seeking “Shi‘i” Muslims. If the pace continues at this rate don’t be surprised to have medical martial law bypassing the tempo of the Corona virus.

During the 9/11 era, many freedoms were denied in the name of security. Brace yourself; we may very well see a continuation of those freedom robbing legislations, especially in countries where Muslims are migrants or minorities; and in countries where there is a substantial uptick in the consolidation of Islamic self-determination.

Far away from the carefully crafted replica reporting on this Corona virus, the Islamic Republic of Iran stands out for having an excessive and disproportionate number of officials contaminated by this virus. Is this virus self-intelligently determined to target officials of a particular country in the world – a country that has proven to be independent of the global power matrix? Or are we to believe that the immune system of these Islamic officials in Islamic Iran is too weak and too compromised to kill off this virus in their human anatomy?

Would it be challenging common sense to speculate that a very small drone, flying under the radar, and remotely controlled by technicians in Zionist, American, or Arabian military bases, hovers over the residence or parliament or any other meeting place of officials of the Islamic Republic, and then releases a type of Corona virus that trickles down into the target area where the individual(s) is and he then unknowingly becomes a victim of the virus? The drone then flies back or self-destructs and no one has proof of anything. Is this type of germ warfare disallowed by Mossad, the CIA, or MI6? Of course not. This is their line of work. Could this same technique be at work in China? Why not? Islamic Iran and China are both threats in their own way to the hegemonic and militaristic capitalist cabal. Proportionately speaking, the victims of this virus in Iran are much more than in China. We can’t be very sure that China, Italy, or other nation states are what we are told.

And to further demonstrate the fact that Islamic Iran is the target of this manufactured crisis is the role of that foul family ruling much of Arabia. Its despotic de facto ruler, Muhammad ibn Salman begins to increase the output of petroleum under these circumstances. That means the price of petroleum will plummet. And that means that the already limited and sanctioned amounts of petroleum sold or traded by Islamic Iran will suffer revenue depletion.

The majority of US military personnel, be they enlistees or officers, are sick and tired of indulging in senseless violence, idiotic wars, and crazy crusades around the world. The Zionist controlled president in the White House and his advisers know this very well. So, if the military is not gung-ho about launching another war, this time with Islamic Iran that will make Afghanistan and ‘Iraq both look like a boy scouts’ outing, then the option of choice becomes biological and economic warfare. This eco-bio warfare is the new 9/11.

A forty-year militarily hardened Islamic Iran is not a forty-year malleable and monetized Islamic Movement. The Achilles heel of Islamic Iran is the sectarian blowback out of both ‘Iraq and Syria. Let’s not kid ourselves: the inability or unwillingness of some officials in Islamic Iran to build bridges with the Islamic grassroots within the non-Shi‘i populations of the Islamic world and in particular with those in ‘Iraq and Syria is wasting away its strategic depth.

Let us go a little further and say that some officials in Islamic Iran do not understand what it means to champion al-Imam ‘Ali. They correctly identify the Umayyad theft of governance and assail Mu‘awiyah, Yazid, etc… as did al-Imam ‘Ali, Hasan and Huseyn.

But these officials extend their razor-sharp rhetoric to the khulafa’ [Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, and ‘Uthman] which al-Imam ‘Ali never did. These biased bureaucrats should read history into the present and the present into history. Abu Bakr, ‘Umar and ‘Uthman were never clients of any superpower at that time. They were independent, just like Islamic Iran is independent today. They had their flaws just like Islamic Iran has its flaws. The dangerous deviation occurred when the ruler over the Muslims was a “client” of a superpower. That “client” was Mu‘awiyah and the superpower was the Byzantines. The rest is history, as they say.

Today we have a clone of Mu‘wiyah in Arabia. And that king-clone is the client-proxy of today’s superpower. This perception has to take hold in Islamic Iran. If and when it does, the traditional Shi‘is will be able to understand that the martyrdom of al-Imam Husayn was the result of the combined conspiracy of the Umayyad rulers with their Byzantine bosses. Had it not been for the Byzantine hegemons, Mu‘awiyah would not have lasted a year in power. Today, were it not for the USA the Mu‘awiyah-cum-Salman (the Arabian honcho) would not last a year. The US knows this, as do the Israelis. Even the demented king knows this. But the “our-sect-comes-first” decision makers in Islamic Iran seem to be unmindful of this basic fact.

During the years of Imam Khomeini (ra) when Islamic Iran was under stress and duress, we didn’t hear about the self-centeredness of Shi‘is, and most of the rest of the Muslims and the world for that matter were mesmerized by the struggle in Islamic Iran. And everyone knew Iran to be predominantly Shi‘i. Now the Shi‘i-centrics are beating their chests telling the world what it already knows: Iran is what it is because it is Shi‘i. If they continue down this slope we would wind up with the Shi‘i Republic of Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is under tremendous pressure, no doubt. It does not need to weaken itself by recoiling into a sectarian shell. The Shi‘i firsters may belong in the culture of Iran but they definitely do not belong in its public relations policies.

The activation of a military strategy to liberate Palestine will no doubt go a long way in dispelling the sectarian finger-pointing which began with Mu‘awiyah but it will not go away from the Muslim public until it goes away from the Muslim personality.

Verily, he [al-shaytan] and his corresponding personas are lying in wait for you where you cannot perceive them. Al-An‘am, 27

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 49, No. 2

Sha'ban 07, 14412020-04-01

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