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Jumada' al-Akhirah, 14402019-03-01

Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 1

News & Analysis

Bin Salman: The Arabian Inspector Clouseau!

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Muhammad bin Salman is clumsier than Inspector Clouseau of Pink Panther fame but the former is far more deadly since he controls virtually everything in the medieval kingdom.


Why the Kashmiris Hate India So Much

Zafar Bangash

If Indian rulers still do not understand why the Kashmiris hate them so intensely, perhaps the Pulwama attack should send a powerful message. The Kashmiris want the Indian off their backs.


Iran and Shias, Ikhwan and Sunnis

Abu Dharr

Islamic Iran has survived for 40 years because it adhered to Islamic principles but sectarianism and nationalism are gradually creeping in. These must be guarded against just as the Ikhwan must re-evaluate their conduct over the last 40 years to rectify their mistakes.

News & Analysis

Civil War in the US: 1861, 2019… 2074?

Kevin Barrett

America is in the midst of a civil war. The Reds and the Blues that fought in 1861 never disappeared. They are very much alive and there is every likelihood that the US might disintegrate in the new bust-up.

News & Analysis

Controlling Mechanism of Muslim Minorities: The Russian Model

Maksud Djavadov

Russia’s experience in Chechnya showed that it would have to change its approach to controlling these republics not through the old Soviet methods but by giving them a measure of autonomy so long as certain red lines are not crossed.

News & Analysis

What’s in Store for Afghanistan?

Eric Walberg

If Donald Trump is smart—a big if—he should do in Afghanistan what Richard Nixon did in Vietnam: declare victory and get the hell out. Staying put, as the Washington warlords are demanding, would merely prolong America’s misery.


Pakistan Rehabilitates Bin Salman


Shunned by the rest of the world in the wake of the Jamal Khashoggi murder, Muhammad bin Salman was embraced and feted by the Pakistanis. This may turn out to be a costly mistake for Pakistan.


Last Man in Kabul


The Americans have lost to the Taliban in Afghanistan. What is euphemistically referred to as “negotiations” are really the terms of American surrender to be able to safely withdraw their forces from Afghanistan.

Editor's Desk

Priests Sexually Abuse Nuns!


The Catholic Church is ridden with sexual scandals but in the past, these were swept under the rug. The problem has now become so serious that nuns have publicly spoken out about priests raping them and the Pope has admitted that some priests held nuns as “sexual slaves”. Will the Church take practical steps to correct the situation?

News & Analysis

Trump’s Anti-Iran Farce in Warsaw

Waseem Shehzad

That the US was forced to choose drab Warsaw in the middle of winter to hold an anti-Iran hate fest that few major European powers attended merely exposed US isolation.

News & Analysis

Why the West hypes China’s Rise

Tahir Mahmoud

The Western media and politicians hype China’s economic progress because they want to use it to show that China’s economic progress only became possible when it adopted Western capitalism.

News & Analysis

Analyzing the Politics of Central Asia

Akhmet Makhmoudov

Despite the end of communism, the Central Asian republics are still controlled by family-based oligarchtes that continue to rule with an iron-fist. Dissent is ruthlessly suppressed.

Special Reports

Muslim-hating “Muslim”

Hayy Yaqzan

Islamophobes come in all shapes and forms, none more obnoxious than a clown called Tarek Fatah. This ideological mongrel finally found his niche because he sucked up to the white establishment, the Zionists and the Hindus.

Islamic Movement

The Duty to Protect Sacred Sites — Part III

John Andrew Morrow

The Prophet’s covenants with the Christians of the world provide clear guidance for Muslims’ conduct towards Christians anywhere. There is absolutely no room in the covenants to mistreat Christians or destroy their places of worship.

Islamic Movement

Imams as Traveling Salesmen

Salina Khan

In recent years a new phenomenon has emerged: spiritual tourism. There is nothing wrong with it per se but the problem is that many Imams have turned into traveling salesmen compromising their Islamic principles by not offending tyrannical rulers.

Book Review

Dugin Against Islam – Part II

Charles Upton [Sidi Akram]

Alexandr Dugin’s attempts to recruit takfiri terrorists to his cause may blow in his face. He has completely misread the group’s nature and outlook.


Ilhan Omar and “All about the Benjamins”

Kevin Barrett

One can criticize American government policy or the president; one can talk about the influence of the gun or oil lobbies but the moment Israel or Israel lobby are mentioned, all hell breaks loose. Why are these topics off limits, as Representative Ilhan Omar found out?

Letters To The Editor

Malcolm X: A Revolutionary

Askia Wejd

The month of February marks the martyrdom of Malcolm X (proper Islamic name, El Haj Malik el-Shabazz). Without doubt, he was a great revolutionary.

Letters To The Editor

Trump, Israel, and ISIS

Anwar Jalil

Donald Trump is not only a moron but he also speaks from both sides of his mouth. He first announced he was withdrawing the 2,000 US troops from Syria — present there illegally — because the US had allegedly defeated ISIS.

Letters To The Editor

White House Nutcases!

Mariam Clausen

Were it not so serious, the current occupant of the White House Donald Trump and the men (and some women) around him would be prime candidates for the lunatic asylum.

Letters To The Editor

Islamic Revolution: 40th Anniversary edition

Muhammad Hussain

Thank you for providing such clear analysis and good information about Iran’s Islamic Revolution (CI, February 2019). Your coverage comes as a breath of fresh air compared to the lies peddled by Western media outlets, especially those influenced by Zionist propaganda.

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