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Rabi' al-Thani, 14392018-01-01

Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 11


New Global Architecture

Zafar Bangash

America has dominated the world on the strength of its dollar and its military aggressions for half century. Now both face serious challenges from numerous players that will result in the demise of the US as a global power.


More People Know Tom Fool than Tom Fool Knows

Abu Dharr

Israeli firsters in the US have realized that their foolish policies have brought Turkey and Islamic Iran closer to each other. This is bound to strengthen the resistance front against Zionism and imperialism.

News & Analysis

Dangerous to be Female in India

Khadijah Ali

Rapes, including gang rapes and other forms of violence continue to escalate against women in India.


Is Canada a Metis Civilization? Part 2: “Six Miles Deep — Forever”

Eric Walberg

Even while acknowledging the wrongs done to Canada’s First Nations, both the federal government and the provincial government in Ontario continue to violate their rights to land.

Main Stories

Al-Quds: Heart of Islamic Unity

Kevin Barrett

Muslims have historically respected the rights of other religions—Christianity and Judaism—and it is only Muslims that are the rightful custodians of Jerusalem/al-Quds and the Holy Land.

News & Analysis

US Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Zionist State

Firoz Osman

By declaring Jerusalem as the ‘capital’ of Israel, Donald Trump has simply advanced the Zionist project so that he could get their support for his re-election.

Editor's Desk

Muslims Need Clarity of Thought and Purpose


Muslims need to undergo a revolution in thought in order to determine their true destiny. This must begin by shedding Western ideas that they imbibed during the colonial era.


What Future for Arabian Regimes?


The Arabian regimes do not have legitimacy since they are a creation of colonial intrigue. Now they have also exposed their treachery against Islam and Muslims thereby short-circuiting their existence.


Jerusalem and the Muslim World


Ordinary Muslims have vigorously protested Trump’s Jerusalem move but some Muslim regimes, especially those in the Muslim East have sided with the enemies of Allah and His Prophet.

News & Analysis

UN General Assembly Slaps Trump over Jerusalem

Waseem Shehzad

By a vote of 128 to 9, the UN General Assembly categorically rejected Trump’s declaration about Jerusalem calling it “null and void”.

News & Analysis

Who would Want to Have Dinner with Bin Salman?

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

In the Banu Saud’s ongoing circus about succession, crown prince Muhammad bin Salman had lured other princes to the Ritz Carlton Hotel for dinner and then promptly arrested them. Who would want to believe this blighter in future?

News & Analysis

Rohingya: Don’t Allow Criminals to Succeed

Iqbal Jassat

It is of the utmost importance that the Burmese mass murderers that have perpetrated such horrific crimes against innocent Rohingya be brought to justice and given exemplary punishment.

News & Analysis

Canada’s Long, Dark History of Islamophobia

Hayy Yaqzan

It would be wrong to assume that Islamophobia in Canada is a recent phenomenon. It has a very long history and dates back to the time when first Muslims set foot here.

News & Analysis

Islamophobia: Wide Gap Between Trudeau’s Rhetoric and Muslim Fears

Matthew Behrens

In the aftermath of Quebec City mosque shooting a year ago that left six Muslims dead and 19 injured, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had said “we will rise from this darkness stronger and more unified than ever before.” Since then, there has been an alarming increasing in Islamophobia leaving Muslims in great fear.

Special Reports

Understanding the True Nature of Zionism

Zafar Bangash

Zionism, or political Zionism to use its correct name, is a racist ideology whose primary objective is colonization of the Palestinians’ land. They kill the Palestinians and indulge in ethnic cleansing.

Book Review

Enlightenment Unitarianism

Kevin Barrett

Enlightened Unitarianism’s huge debt to Islam and its ideas of social and political justice.

Special Reports

Islamic Awakening: Was it Worth It?

Tahir Mahmoud

Seven years after the first stirrings of revolt against autocratic rulers in the Muslim East, while the movements have died down, it has emboldened people to stand up for their rights.

Letters To The Editor

More ‘moderate’ BS?

Tariq Akhtar

Following Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman’s announcement that the medieval kingdom would henceforth follow “moderate” Islam, a number of other policies have come to light.

Letters To The Editor

Kashmiris’ Plight

Ibrar Butt

There is a long list of places where Muslims are suffering. Whether in Palestine or Yemen, the Rohingya or the Kashmiris, the list is endless.

Letters To The Editor

Celebrity ‘Shaykhs’

Ali Mukhtar

Western culture tends to produce narcissists and exhibitionists. Unfortunately some converts to Islam bring this disease with them.

Letters To The Editor

Negative Influences

Shehnaz Bukhari

Our surroundings influence our thinking and shape our conduct. That is why it is said, one is known by the company he keeps.

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