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More People Know Tom Fool than Tom Fool Knows

Abu Dharr

Events are moving at an accelerated pace in and around the Holy Lands. And the players who used to “do their thing” in the dark are now being exposed by the light of incredible events unfolding with a fast-tracked tempo. Some of the developments were unthinkable just last year: Emmanuel Macron, the French president, virtually appealing for better relations with Syrian President Bashar al-Asad who up to a few months ago was a “president who had to go.” Ballistic missiles are being fired from Yemen into the zionizing kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There is a looming crisis between Algeria and Saudi Zionist Arabia because sports fans in Algiers displayed a gigantic picture of Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman cheek-to-cheek during a soccer match in a stadium. And then there is the telltale warm up of the political and intelligence relationship between Zionist Tel Aviv and two-faced Riyadh. The US veto in the United Nations’ Security Council shielded the Tel Aviv regime from world the backlash of public opinion, which rejects al-Quds/Jerusalem being the capital of the Zionist Israeli nation-state. Trump has also issued back-channel threats to his allies — the filthy rich Saudi royals and “khaliji” crowned heads — to “pay up” or else the US will withdraw its military and security umbrella from the Arabian Peninsula. Trump’s financial craving demands nothing less than all the assets and reserves of the Arabian princes of possessions and amirs of affluence. Even if they comply, the monarchs and princes of insolvency may still have to stand in a court of law to pay for all the American war budget that ensued after 9/11: the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc. American vice-president Mike Pence canceled or delayed his trip to the Muslim East (aka the Middle East). These and other dizzying episodes have placed the holy land geography on a precipice of Armageddon consequences.

The official American Trumpist reaction can be characterized as Zionist from head to toe. The Zionists have taken note of the fact that Turkey convened a quick conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in response to Trump’s designation of al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist entity. What worries these American Israeli firsters is not the convening of rotten political elites as much as sensing a potential closing of ranks between Turkey and Islamic Iran. The American representative to the United Nations speaks with a vibe of dual-racism (American and Sikh) when she leads the verbal charge against Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims who are solidly against the zionization of al-Quds. Her bigoted statements in support of Israel may be understood in light of every politician in the US pleading for a political future — one that requires approval of the American Zionist deep state.

In pursuit of her future political dream, ambassador Nikki Haley came out swinging against Islamic Iran saying that she has proof that the ballistic missile launched on November 4 from Yemen into Saudi Arabia was an Iranian missile. This accusation fits in neatly into the Zio-American policy of fomenting sectarian war in the Islamic hemisphere. It also fits in with scaring the Arabian royals and blackmailing them into signing military contracts up until their last riyal and dirham.

This scare tactic policy emanating from Washington and Tel Aviv may convince the rash and reckless royals to auction off their oil wealth to the businessmen who comprise Trump’s cabinet and their acolytes — the wealthiest cabinet in American history. The strategists in Washington and Tel Aviv are gambling on the political elites in the Muslim East and cannot circumvent the strategy of Islamic Iran that is aligned with the Muslim and oppressed masses throughout the holy land region. The imperialist and Zionist mass media railing against Islamic Iran is meant, among other things, to shift worldwide attention from the Zionist-imperialist designation of al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist tribal nation. The more Muslims begin to close ranks in their joint effort against the Zionist thieves who stole the Holy Land, the more we can expect the Trump-Netanyahu alliance to go into higher gear against Islamic Iran.

There appears to be, on the horizon, a meeting of minds between Islamically inclined politicians in Turkey and Islamically proven statesmen in Iran. The Trump-Netanyahu-Salman axis of aggression is incensed by this development and will do everything under the Sun to spoil it. Trump is under fabricated pressure points: the Republican candidate whom he endorsed as congressman from Alabama lost to his Democratic rival; European allies don’t agree with him in designating al-Quds as the capital of clannish Israel, and North Korea has poked his political eye with its nuclear grandstanding. The guy (Trump) is a businessman. He can’t handle the political blows coming at him internally and externally. So he lashes out at the weakest and wealthiest politicians; hence his drive to empty the coffers of the thoughtless princes and idiotic amirs living over a sea of precious industry rich oil in the birth land of Islam. These silly sultans and ridiculous rulers in Arabia cannot figure out that they will be cornered into a conflict against Islamic self-determination for which they will pay with their money and their blood.

Back to Nikki. You claim you found one missile that is traceable to Iran (which Iran refuted categorically) and then you want to develop a war scenario against the Islamic Republic out of your “evidence” that Ansarullah in Yemen used this “one missile” against your Saudi commercial and military hardware customers. Look who’s calling the kettle black! Couldn’t someone use your same “missile evidence” to indict you and your Zionist and imperialist bosses for the American manufactured bombs, missiles, and mortars that have been raining destruction from the skies upon the people in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, etc? With those explosives, ammos, and shells you have killed and maimed millions of people. You forced millions of others into exile and refugeedom. You are pathetic. Your veneer of democracy, human rights, and justice is wearing thin. Even those who are legally blind can see you for what you are: war criminals, criminals against humanity, and in some cases genocidal maniacs. There are millions of people — no exaggeration — who are dying and will die in Yemen because of your bullets, mines, and projectiles along with your policies of starving them to death through boycotts and sanctions — and with all that you argue that you are the citadel of civilization! Only if there is a demonic definition of civilization!

The Saudi royal clan will not survive these tumultuous times. The Saudi kingdom is showing serious signs of internal failure and degeneration; Yemen has sapped their internal bonds morally, socially, and militarily. The Zionist-imperialist cosmetic makeup that was plastered on the Saudi royals is quickly fading away. Just open your eyes and see the imperialist Salman and the Zionist Jubair. Don’t be fooled by their superficial Salah and their aesthetic appearances. They trapped hundreds of thousands of their own fiqhi persuasion into civil wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc. and now they want to trap the Muslims of the world into a Sunni-Shi‘i war. At a time when the imperialist businessman in the White House comes out and tells the world his government recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel, ‘Adel al-Jubair, the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, comes out and says, “The US is serious about solving the Israeli Palestinian issue!”

You read it here first; that the following will occur is just a matter of time:

1. The clueless Arabian officials are going to pay with treasures and treasuries for blindly toeing the Zionist-imperialist line.

2. The Arabian Peninsula regimes will perish as they foment further warfare among the Muslims, especially if they ever pull the trigger of war against Islamic Iran.

3. The “religious class” in the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia will “blow back” at the royal family with their takfiri impulse and all hell will break loose in that artificial kingdom.

4. The US may finally come to its senses when it sees hundreds of millions of Muslims determined to rip up both Arabian and Hebrew Zionism.

5. The nucleus of Islamic Unity is taking shape. And that rebirth of Islamic consolidation is easy to locate for those who have an Islamic pulse in them; as it is obvious for those who have an anti-Islamic thump in them.

It is befitting here to remind these Arabians, if they care not to listen to Allah (swt) to take heed of their proverb: A foolish man may be known by six things — anger without cause, speech without profit, change without progress, inquiry without object, putting trust in a stranger, and mistaking foes for friends.

It is not Allah’s will [O you who deny Allah’s power] to abandon the committed Muslims to your way of life: [and] to that end He will set apart the noxious from the virtuous… (3:179).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 11

Rabi' al-Thani 13, 14392018-01-01

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