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Sha'ban, 14372016-06-01

Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 4

Editor's Desk

Crimes of the Bangladeshi regime


Hasina Wajed, the Bangladeshi prime minister, is on a witch- hunt. She is executing political rivals after putting them through kangaroo trials. She is dredging up old hatreds that will cost her dearly as well.


Muslim world plagued by strongmen

Zafar Bangash

Why does every ruler in the Muslim world feel the urge to present himself/herself ‘strong’? The answer lies in the fact that most lack legitimacy and therefore must project the image of power to appear strong.


The Saudis fear Zionists so much because they fear Allah (swt) so little

Abu Dharr

The Najdi Bedouins’ Zionist allies seem to be setting them for a fall and grab the hundreds of billions of dollars they have stashed in US banks.


Dealing with the problem of Bani Saud

Zafar Bangash

Muslims must understand that Bani Saud are a colonial creation that are serving the interests of imperialism and Zionism. Under their control, historical sites have been destroyed and Hajj reduced to mere rituals.


Dangerous escalation in Syria

Zafar Bangash

Peace eludes war-torn Syria because external powers want the war to continue. The latest escalation was the provocative visit of General Joseph Votel, head of US Central Command, to northern Syria without the permission of the Syrian government.

News & Analysis

Bani Saud obstruct Iranians’ Hajj pilgrimage

Tahir Mustafa

Can Bani Saud prohibit Muslims from performing Hajj when Allah proclaims this for all the people? Should the Najdi Bedouins be allowed to get away with such crimes?

News & Analysis

Rush hour in Tehran!

Waseem Shehzad

Tehran, capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, also suffers from the problem of modernity: traffic congestion and pollution. Officials need to pay serious attention to address both problems.

News & Analysis

“Nonviolent” India’s violent acts in Kashmir

Tanvir Alam

The Hindu occupation army has escalated its brutal crackdown on the people of Kashmir that have been struggling for their fundamental right to self-determination for decades.

News & Analysis

What Davutoglu’s expulsion means for the AKP

Ahmet Aslan

Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan is ruthlessly ambitious. He is prepared to crush anyone that gets in his way to grab more power. The latest victim is his long-time associate Ahmet Davutoglu.

News & Analysis

The language of Imperialism — Part II

Tahir Mahmoud

Imperialism uses many tools to advance its agenda. Language is one of them. Such terms as ‘democracy’, ‘elections’ etc need to be deconstructed to expose imperialism’s real agenda.

Special Reports

Furkan: Turkey’s genuine Islamic movement

Mehmet Abdullah

The ruling AKP party in Turkey stands exposed. Its Islamic credentials are suspect. There is, however, a genuine Islamic movement in Turkey: Furkan Vakfi. It needs to be better known.

Special Reports

The never-ending Nakba of Palestinians

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

The Palestinians suffered their Nakba (catastrophe) in May 1948 but it has not ended. Everyday is Nakba for the Palestinians under Zionist occupation.

Special Reports

The gap between the rulers and ruled in Pakistan

Zia Sarhadi

As Ramadan begins, the gap between the rich and poor in Pakistan continues to widen. The top portion of the picture shows an Iftaar dinner arranged by former Pakistani President Asif Zardari while below Pakistani children scavenge for food at a garbage dump. Where is justice and the taqwa that Ramadan is supposed to build?

Islamic Movement

The Imam’s ijtihad on the Islamic state

Tahir Mustafa

As Muslims worldwide commemorate the late Imam’s 27th anniversary, we reflect on some of his greatest achievements, among them his ijtihad on Islamic government.

Islamic Movement

Why Islam prohibits riba (usury) and encourages sadaqah

Zafar Bangash

Riba (usury) has taken hold of global finance. Its purpose is to enrich the rich and impoverish the poor. This grand larceny, given legal cover, needs to be understood if humanity is to break free from modern-day slavery.

Islamic Movement

Ramadan and the building of taqwa

Zafar Bangash

Ramadan must mean more than going hungry or thirsty for 15-17 hours a day. Muslims must strive to build taqwa, the real purpose of Ramadan. Understanding the true meaning of taqwa is the first step.

Letters To The Editor

Dr. Kalim Siddiqui was a great man

Zahiruddin Sheikh

Letter writer Zahiruddin Sheikh pays tribute to the late Dr Kalim Siddiqui as a great man.

Letters To The Editor

The ugly truth of Bani Saud

Mohammed H. Siddiq

Mohammed H. Siddiq, a native of the Arabian Peninsula, reveals the ugly truth of Bani Saud.

Letters To The Editor

Unending suffering of Syrian people

Taimur Akhter

The people of Syria continue to suffer because of foreign meddling in their affairs, writes Taimur Akhter.

Letters To The Editor


Ali Akbarzadeh

While Islamic Iran continues to adhere to its obligations under the nuclear agreement with the six powers, the US is refusing to fulfill its obligations says Ali Akbarzadeh.

Letters To The Editor


Debra Clark

Writer Debra Clark is appalled at the torture of innocents at Guantanamo Bay.

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