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Keyword: Free Syrian Army

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Main Stories

Bye, bye Obama, the baby daddy of ISIS

John Andrew Morrow

Jumada' al-Ula' 04, 14382017-02-01

Despite his soaring rhetoric and projecting an image of liberalism, Barack Obama was directly responsible for the rise and sustenance of the terrorist group, ISIS.

Main Stories

Syria’s ceasefire blown up by US bombing

Tahir Mahmoud

Dhu al-Hijjah 29, 14372016-10-01

While the US-Russia brokered ceasefire was not expected to last long, the American air strike on the Syrian air base at Deir az-Zour blew it up in less than a week. Why?

News & Analysis

Russia changes equation in the Syrian conflict

Ahmet Aslan

Dhu al-Hijjah 17, 14362015-10-01

Russian President Vladimir Putin has served notice that he will not accept the Western engineered war on Syria to overthrow President Bashar al Asad. He has started bombing Western-backed terrorists creating panic in Western capitals...

Letters To The Editor

Syrian rebels are Zionist agents

Mahmoud Syed

Sha'ban 14, 14362015-06-01

By their conduct and interactions, “Syrian” rebels have confirmed that they are agents of Zionism, imperialism and Wahhabism.

Editor's Desk

‘Moderate’ Syrian rebels’ message to Zionist Israel


Rajab 12, 14362015-05-01

The ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels have provided proof, if proof indeed were needed, that they are agents of Zionism and imperialism. They sent a letter to the Zionist regime thanking it and pledging allegiance.

Daily News Analysis

Hersh exposes truth of “chemical attack” in Syria

Crescent International

Safar 15, 14352013-12-18

American officials habitually tell lies about their adversaries. The chemical weapons attack in Syria last August was blamed on the Syrian government but Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh has revealed through sources in the intelligence community that Barack Obama cherry-picked through information to make it look as if the Syrian government was responsible.

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