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Bye, bye Obama, the baby daddy of ISIS

John Andrew Morrow

A tearful farewell after making the world a much more dangerous place: his administration created, coddled, and coached ISIS — all for the security of the criminals who colonized the Holy Land. His legacy will be the re-emergence of the KKK, branded anew as the “alt-right.”

Despite his soaring rhetoric and projecting an image of liberalism, Barack Obama was directly responsible for the rise and sustenance of the terrorist group, ISIS.

Warning of impending apocalypse reached me in 2010 when I was notified of a massive shipment of weapons to, of all places, Syria. I knew then that “Sh-- was going down in Syria.” In other words, I knew full well that the arms, en route to Syria via Jordan, were not destined for the government in that country.

At the time, I assumed that the weapons were being sent to some traitors in the Syrian Army and that a coup d’état was brewing. Within a year, the real operation was apparently revealed: a foreign armed, trained, and supported insurgency against the Syrian government.

Dispatched from Jordan, foreign death-squads started to flow into Syria. While some of these terrorists were drawn from salafi gangs, they were, in large part, professionally-trained soldiers, many of whom were mercenaries.

Catching the Syrian government and security apparatus off-guard, these foreign terrorist fighters commenced to commit atrocities that the Western media, at the service of Empire, intentionally misattributed to the Asad government. The sickening spectacle involved attacks on Sunnis that were blamed on Alawites, attacks on Alawites that were blamed on Sunnis, and attacks on Christians that were blamed on Muslims. The objective was to incite ethnic, sectarian, and religious violence so that the entire country would be consumed.

Foreign mercenaries, many of whom were not even of Muslim background, tortured, raped, mutilated, and murdered innocent civilians, and proudly broadcast their crimes via cyberspace through a previously constructed network. During the early days of the conflict, I watched enough of these videos and examined enough of these images that I could stomach. They brought back vivid flashbacks of my days working with Central American solidarity committees.

The death-squads in Latin America treated torture, mutilation, and massacre as art forms. They competed with one another and attempted to outdo each other. Like the devils that had operated in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and elsewhere, the demons unleashed on Syria also relished in creating masterpieces of blood, gore, and guts.

For those who are not familiar with the wicked world of killers-for-hire and the hatchet-men of the world elites, death-squads, like hit-men, always sign their works of art. I saw the care and consideration that went into the creation of lurid videos and images.

The foreign psychopaths who invaded Syria would present before and after photographs of their victims; young, beautiful, Christian girls, full of smiles, and radiating life and hope; which they would contrast, side by side, with photographs of their mangled, brutalized, and violated remains.

No Muslim would do such a thing. In fact, no human being would do such thing. This was the work of Satan and Satan always signs his work.

I knew then, as I know now, that the so-called “freedom fighters” waging a “war of liberation” against an “oppressive tyrant who kills his own people” were, in reality, nothing more than mass murderers, criminals, and guns-for-hire.

For those who have cared enough to be informed, ISIS (Israeli-Saudi-Imperialist Strategy) has been nothing more than a movie set: bring in the actors, directors, producers, cameramen, props, script, and theme — and you have a movie. Insofar as the Syrian “movie” is concerned, which has been playing nonstop on worldwide television screens for the better part of six years now, the actors are the mercenaries that have been shipped in from over 80 countries into the manufactured war zones of Syria; the directors are the motley crew of Western intelligence agencies (CIA, MI-6, Mossad, etc.) who have built and torn down such sets all the way from Cambodia/Laos to Burma to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya/Somalia/Mali, and all the way down to South/Central America; the producers (where the money comes from) are the chief executives in Washington, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh (not to mention a bunch of other capitals); the cameramen are the worldwide mainstream Zionist-controlled media; the props (the throwaway items) are the ordinary people of Syria along with their homes, businesses, and gathering places; the script is terrorism, terrorism, terrorism — 24/7; and the theme is the security of Israel achieved by dismembering and balkanizing the entire Muslim world, and by portraying Islam as a throwback barbarity that is inconsistent with civil society.

The conflict in Syria was created and orchestrated by foreign intelligence agencies. The policy was one of “controlled chaos.” Keep the Muslim world simmering at a low-boil. Neutralize regional powers that could potentially pose a threat to foreign interests. As Professor Vladimir Prav explains in “‘Controlled Chaos’ as a Tool of Geopolitical Struggle,”

According to the “theory,” dismantling of the already existing nation-states, traditional cultures, and civilizations can be accomplished by:

• De-ideologizing the population;

• Dumping the “ballast” of the already existing values, and replacing them with one’s own set;

• Increasing material expectations, especially among the elite;

• Loss of control over the economy and its ultimate destruction;

• Unlawful actions by supposedly spontaneous movements that often have ethnic or religious character.

Once implemented, these key policies lead to “color revolutions.”

“Controlled chaos” theory is based on reforming the mass consciousness, worldviews, and the spiritual sphere by subjecting individuals to modern means of manipulation. It amounts to a global psychological operation that is part of globalization and which destroys the culture of solidarity and replaces it with a cult of money and of Social-Darwinist stereotypes concerning the role of an individual in society. The masses’ ability to offer resistance through self-organization is thus diminished.

Given the effects of such technologies, the “controlled chaos” actors are pursuing two objectives. Firstly, reducing the size of the population by eliminating those who are not of use to the architects of the new world order. Neoliberal reforms bring about a demographic catastrophe by reducing birth rates and increasing death rates. The sexual revolution, propaganda of hedonism, individualism, and consumerism reduce birth rates. Social-Darwinism and indifference to the suffering of close ones deprive people of their will to live and increase death rates. The large number of poor and homeless people amounts to a de-facto euthanasia mechanism, as people in these categories die quickly, though more people are pulled down to replace them.

Secondly, the objective of destroying a nation states that imposing control over them is intercepted by transnational corporations, crime syndicates, supranational organizations and institutions, which answer to those who employ controlled chaos technologies. This task combines “soft power” with barbaric military aggression (Yugo-slavia, Iraq, and Libya). This process facilitates the aggressors’ control over the global financial, military, and information resources.

The aim of the artificial “civil wars” in Libya, Syria, and Iraq was to degrade the infrastructure and potential of countries in the zone through wide-scale destruction. Such devastation facilitates the large-scale theft of wealth and natural resources while eliminating as many human lives as possible.

Unlike the ideologues of the Industrial Revolution, who needed a large labor pool to exploit, the ideologues of the 20th and 21st century have a “useless surplus” of human lives on the planet. As such, they are determined to exterminate as many of them as possible to ensure that they do not pose any inconvenience to the economically powerful elite who treat genocide as simply another instrument from their toolbox. Rather than seek reconciliation between major power-players for the benefit of humanity, the global elites decided to re-ignite a new Cold War or worldwide conflict, engaging in proxy wars, caring not that the price would cost hundreds of thousands of human lives.

The Western world has been engaging in double discourse from day one. So much is self-evident to any cynical citizen sick of being fed lies like hogs are fed slop. Lies lead to more lies and soon one is tangled in a web of lies like a Gordian knot. Soon, one cannot extricate oneself from falsehood.

Corporate-controlled media claims that the Syrian opposition consists of “moderates.” Simply because al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden are less extreme of extremists in comparison to ISIS and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi does not make them moderates. There is no such thing as a “moderate” terrorist. Terrorism, by definition, is extremism.

When financial support for ISIS swelled, they filled their ranks with FSA and al-Nusra terrorists. If ISIS falls out of favor, as appears to be happening, their fighters will simply join other forces. Otherwise, they will seek out opportunities in other countries. For mercenaries, it is all play for pay.

And while the entire world is up in arms about ISIS, the attitude of the American administration has been nonchalant. In January 27, 2014, President Obama likened the terrorist army to a “J.V. Team.” They clearly were not.

On August 7, 2014, President Obama confidently claimed that “We’re not going to let them create some caliphate through Syria and Iraq” and yet he did exactly that.

On September 3, 2014, the Leader of the “Free” World, claimed that ISIS was a “manageable problem.” But clearly it was not.

On September 10, 2014, the American leader promised to degrade and destroy ISIS. He did nothing of the sort.

On December 17, 2015, he reassured Americans stating that there was no “specific and credible information about an attack on our homeland.” And yet we were attacked, over, and over again. And while the US Government may claim that they are leading a coalition against ISIS, their attacks against ISIS have been lukewarm and often misdirected.

In fact, US pilot fighters complained on May 28, 2015, that their “hands were tied” in a “frustrating” fight against ISIS. While US soldiers were willing, eager, and anxious to fight ISIS, they were commanded to stand down.

If we are to believe reports from Iraq and Iran, the American armed forces have been bombing back Iraqi and Iranian militias, preventing them from fighting ISIS, and protecting ISIS convoys by providing them with air cover.

The liberation of Mosul was merely a publicity stunt aimed at proving that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were tough on terrorists. The operation was announced months ahead of time allowing ISIS leaders to escape.

If intelligence analysts estimated that there were 100,000 ISIS terrorists spread throughout Syria and Iraq, only 5,000 remained in Mosul when the Iraqi army, supported by US air cover, attacked. Where did the rest go? They were given safe passage to Syria where they were supposed to be used to topple al-Asad.

As late as October 26, 2016, a mere two months until the end of his presidency, Obama’s Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, asserted that an offensive to retake al-Raqqah from ISIS would begin within weeks. Absolutely nothing was done and the flags of ISIS continue to fly over the capital of their Kingdom of Darkness.

If many Americans found President Obama’s “war against ISIS” suspicious, they had reason to do so. ISIS was conceived under his presidency. ISIS expanded under his presidency. He dismissed the danger that Da‘ish posed and, when finally forced to face the monster he fostered, he made empty promises to neutralize them while taking no tangible steps to do so.

Rather than fight the terrorists who invaded Syria and Iraq, the “Prince of Peace” is reported to have provided them with over one billion dollars in weapons while, at the same time, giving Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey the green light to continue spending astronomical sums to support them.

In fact, in his farewell speech, the outgoing President addressed Americans, falsely claiming that “no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years.” Really, now? What planet does he live on?

The President asserted, “We have taken out tens of thousands of terrorists — including bin Laden. The global coalition we’re leading against ISIL has taken out their leaders, and taken away about half their territory. ISIL will be destroyed, and no one who threatens America will ever be safe.”

If the President was so adamant about annihilating ISIS, he had eight years to do so. The Russians, who talk the talk and walk the walk, accomplished more in a few weeks of campaigns against ISIS than the Americans did in nearly a decade of empty rhetoric and half-ass action.

Barack Hussein Obama asked Americans to “be vigilant, but not afraid. ISIL will try to kill innocent people. But they cannot defeat America unless we betray our Constitution and our principles in the fight.” In other words, ISIS and their ilk are here to stay. Barack Obama’s complete and total lack of political fortitude, his failed policies, his false promises, and his stubborn refusal to act have contributed directly to the rise of the extreme right in the United States and Western Europe.

As despicable as many of his views may be, apparently, Donald Trump was not duped by the White House or House of White Lies nor was he deceived by the fake news and propaganda produced by the globalist elites who were determined to push the conflict in Syria not only into a New Cold War but potentially into a Final Hot War. In any event, now that he has assumed the presidency, we must wait and see to get a sense of what his policies will be regarding Russia.

From the moment that he assumed office, Barack Hussein Obama was obsessed with one thing: his legacy. How would he be viewed by history? As far as the departing President is concerned, his accomplishments include reversing a recession, boosting the economy, opening ties with Cuba, shutting down Iran’s nuclear weapons program, taking out Osama, legalizing gay marriage, providing health care, fighting against terrorism, ending torture, working to close Gitmo, and reforming laws to protect privacy and civil liberties. He even comically claimed that race relations improved under his presidency.

To put things into perspective, the economy under Obama was stagnant, ties with Cuba were a cop-out, Iran’s nuclear weapons plan was entirely fictitious, the assassination of Osama was theatre, marriage equality, which is viewed as socially destructive by traditional Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and an attempt to erode the ethical foundations of society, was merely a plot to gather liberal votes, Obamacare was a financial catastrophe, the fight against terrorism was illusory and ineffective, torture remains rampant in correctional facilities, potentially innocent prisoners remain in Gitmo, with the exception of certified terrorists who were released to join Da‘ish and al-Qaeda in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, the surveillance state is stronger than ever, and racial tensions are at an all-time high. So, what, Mr. Obama, is your real legacy? Your legacy is ISIS. And you are its baby-daddy.

If we can thank Barack Hussein Obama for creating the conditions that produced ISIS, and ensuring that they remain alive and well after he leaves office, we can only hope that Donald Trump will fulfill his promise and wipe them off the face of the earth in partnership, perhaps, with Russia, Syria, Egypt, and Iran. That is if the neocon lunatics, white supremacists rebranded as nationalists, and republican fascists do not f--- things up. And God is the best of plotters. As for the Lord of Darkness, all I can say is goodbye and good riddance.

Dr. John Andrew Morrow is the author of The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World and the Director of the Covenants Initiative, an international movement devoted to protecting persecuted Christians as well as Shi‘is, Sufis, traditional Sunnis, and Yazidis. His websites include www.covenantsoftheprophet.com and www.johnandrewmorrow.com. His Twitter account is @drjamorrow. He can also be followed on his various Facebook pages: @johnandrewmorrow and @covenantsoftheprophet. The original source of this article is Global Research: copyright © Dr. John Andrew Morrow, Global Research, 2016.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 12

Jumada' al-Ula' 04, 14382017-02-01

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