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‘Moderate’ Syrian rebels’ message to Zionist Israel


The ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels have provided proof, if proof indeed were needed, that they are agents of Zionism and imperialism. They sent a letter to the Zionist regime thanking it and pledging allegiance.

On April 23, the illegitimate Zionist regime received a message from an unusual quarter: the “moderate” Syrian rebels represented by the Free Syrian Army. It congratulated Israel on its 67th independence anniversary and said next year they hoped to have such celebration at the Israeli embassy in Damascus! The message was from the group’s foreign affairs official Mousa Ahmed Nabhan.

Before some Muslims jump and claim this is enemy propaganda meant to tarnish the Syrian rebels’ image, they should read the story in the Times of Israel (April 24). Here is the link:


We have always maintained that Syrian opposition groups are acting as agents of imperialism and Zionism. They have been led to this pathetic state by the evil regime of Bani Saud in Riyadh.

Bani Saud have tried to cobble together a “Sunni” alliance against the Iran-led resistance front that opposes the Zionist occupation of Palestine. They denounce that front as “Shi‘i” because Iran, Hizbullah, Iraq and Syria are its members. So are “Sunni” Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine but Bani Saud conveniently ignore this fact.

The Saudi-led “Sunni” front’s only success has been to join Zionist Israel. This is not only pathetic but also disgraceful. Sunni Muslims worldwide should denounce this affront to their dignity and honor. They should also make clear, as we have repeatedly, that Bani Saud do not represent any Muslims — Shi‘is or Sunnis.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 3

Rajab 12, 14362015-05-01

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