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Zionist occupiers’ cold-blooded murder of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

Crescent International

The zionist occupiers of Palestine murder Shireen Abu Akleh working for Al Jazeera to prevent her from reporting on zionist crimes against the Palestinian people. She herself was Palestinian from Jerusalem. One less Palestinian in the holy city to make way for zionist thugs and squatters from Europe and North America.

True to their murderous nature, the zionist occupiers murdered an Al Jazeera journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh in cold blood today.

She was shot in the face by an Israeli sniper, as she gathered with other journalists outside Jenin early today.

Abu Akleh was wearing the vest that identified her as a journalist, with PRESS written on it in bold letters.

Her fellow journalist Shatha Hanaysha who witnessed Abu Akleh’s murder said journalists at the scene were pinned down by sniper fire.

She told Al Jazeera: “We stood together in a collective way as journalists, then we started moving. We were shocked by the live ammunition fired at us; we reached an area that did not allow us to withdraw.”

“We were all wearing vests and helmets,” Hanaysha said. “We were four journalists in an exposed area. There were no confrontations or shots being fired by Palestinian fighters,” contradicting the lies being peddled by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that she was killed by Palestinian fire.

“We were just facing the snipers. If they were not really willing to kill some of us, they could have started shooting before our arrival in this narrow area. I see this as a clear assassination of journalists,” she said.

“The one that killed Shireen was intended to kill her because he shot the bullet at an area of her body that was not protected,” Hanaysha also said.

“The occupation army did not stop firing even after she collapsed,” she said. “I couldn’t even extend my arm to pull her because of the shots.”

Ali al-Samoudi, a fellow al Jazeera journalist, was shot in the back but is in stable condition in hospital.

The zionist occupation army has since modified its statement saying it is not sure who fired the shot that killed Shireen Abu Akleh.

It has offered a joint investigation that the Palestinians have dismissed with contempt.

They have said the murderers cannot be investigators of their own crime.

Of Palestinian origin from Jerusalem, Shireen Abu Akleh had joined Al Jazeera in 1997.

The veteran television correspondent was a household name across the Arab world and beyond for her bold coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

She covered Israeli wars on the besieged Gaza enclave in 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2021.

She was also present in Lebanon during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the summer of 2006 in which the Zionist invaders were soundly defeated by the intrepid Hizbullah fighters.

Statements of condemnations, especially from the journalistic fraternity have been issued amid calls for a transparent investigation.

Giles Trendle, Al Jazeera’s managing director, said that the network was “shocked and saddened” by the killing of Abu Akleh.

The Zionist occupiers have a long history of targeting journalists and their facilities.

He pointed out that a building housing the offices of Al Jazeera as well as other media organisations, including The Associated Press news agency, was bombed less than a year ago during Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip.

“As journalists, we carry on. Our mission is to carry on. We will not be silenced despite attempts to silence us,” Trendle said.

Israel has murdered at least 83 Palestinian journalists since 1972. So, Abu Akleh’s murder is nothing new for the zionists.

Anthony Bellanger, secretary of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) was even more scathing in his criticism of Israeli criminal conduct.

He said Abu Akleh’s killing is a “deliberate systematic targeting of a journalist”.

“Yet again journalists, wearing press vests, clearly identified were targeted by Israeli snipers,” he said in a statement. “We will seek to add this case to the ICC complaint submitted by the IFJ, detailing such systematic targeting.”

The Palestine Journalists Syndicate also decried Abu Akleh’s killing as “a clear assassination perpetrated by the Israeli occupation army”.

Statements condemning the cold-blooded murder of Shireen Abu Akleh have been issued by the Palestinian Islamic resistance group Hamas, Human Rights Watch as well as the Israeli collaborators, the Palestinian Authority.

The UN Special envoy for the Middle East Tor Wennesland while condemning the killing added his voice to those of the European Union and the US ambassador to Israel for a transparent investigation.

Adding insult to injury, Zionist occupation forces raided the home of Shireen Abu Akleh as relatives and friends gathered to offer condolences.

The zionist thugs were finally pushed out of the house but they continued their menacing presence outside surrounding the area.

Western regimes that support and underwrite zionist crimes will issue vacuous statements of exercising “maximum restraint” while the illegal occupiers continue their murderous campaign against Palestinians as well as journalists.

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