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Zionist occupiers murder another innocent Palestinian, a student en route to School in Jenin

Crescent International

Hundreds of Palestinians carry the body of 17-year-old student Mahmoud Abdel-Jalil al-Saadi shot in cold blood by the zionist occupiers. He was on his way to school in Jenin when the zionists murdered him.

Mahmoud Abdel-Jalil al-Saadi, 17, became the latest victim of Israeli barbarism when he was shot and killed today (Monday November 21) by the occupation forces in Jenin.

He was on his way to school when the trigger-happy zionist occupiers shot him.

Al-Saadi posed no threat to the zionists but they killed him anyway because they have no regard for Palestinian life.

He became victim number 140 of Israeli brutality this year, making it the bloodiest year for Palestinians since 2005.

He was shot in the abdomen during an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

Five other Palestinians were wounded according to Palestinian media reports.

The boy was shot when Israeli army used live ammunition in a raid on Jenin.

Al-Saadi was rushed to Ibn Sina Hospital but he had lost a lot of blood and was pronounced dead a short while later.

When news of his death spread, people gathered outside the hospital and carried his body through the streets.

Israeli forces and settlers have intensified their murderous spree killing 140 Palestinians, including at least 30 children, in the Occupied West Bank this year.

In August, in an act of their now-routine barbarism, Israeli forces killed 49 Palestinians when they bombed the tiny Gaza Strip for three days.

They bombed apartment buildings and hospitals destroying them.

These constitute war crimes.

A week earlier (November 21), the Israeli occupation forces had shot and killed 15-year-old Fulla Rasmi al-Masalma, in the West Bank town of Beituna.

It was a day before her 16th birthday, the Palestinian health ministry said.

Al-Masalma was shot in the head by Israeli troops during an army raid in Beitunia, west of Ramallah.

Another passenger in the car was wounded.

As is now customary, the zionist occupation forces refused medical help or allow her to be transported to hospital.

She was held for 25 minutes after she was shot, bleeding to death.

The zionists alleged that the car had driven towards them when they were carrying out a raid at Beituna.

Neither Al-Masalma nor the occupant in her car was aware of the presence of Israeli soldiers in the street.

The occupation forces did not fire warning shots to stop the car.

Instead, they aimed their guns at the head of Al-Masalma.

Faced with such barbarism and with no prospects of any peace, the Palestinians have started to fight back virtually with their bare hands.

Resistance to zionist occupation is strongest in Jenin and Nablus.

The Lions’ Den has emerged as an independent force in Nablus fighting the zionist occupiers.

As a consequence of their heroic acts, they have killed 27 Israeli soldiers in the same period.

While the Palestinians are no match for the heavily-armed zionist soldiers and illegal squatters (aka settlers), time and history are on their side.

They will ultimately triumph, insha’Allah.

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