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Zionist Israel would Sign Own Death Warrant If It Launches Another War against Hizbullah

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

In recent weeks, Zionist Israel has threatened to attack Islamic Iran’s nuclear facilities should Tehran’s negotiations with the Western powers fail. In response, Iran held widely publicized military drills to demonstrate its preparedness and prowess as well as promised to give a crushing response to any enemy attack.

“Our Armed Forces, including the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), will crush any threat posed by any arrogant and aggressive power, at any level, and originated from any territory,” Major General Gholam-Ali Rashid said on November 7 as large scale military exercises were underway in the south and west of the country. These went on for several days.

It is clear that Zionist Israel is beginning to feel the heat, hence its escalating rhetorical threats against Islamic Iran. For years, it has carried out attacks against resistance forces in Syria. In most instances, civilians have been killed. Recent reports say that Russian President Vladimir Putin told Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett during their meeting in Sochi that Russia would not intervene if Israel were to attack resistance forces (meaning Iranian military advisors and Hizbullah fighters) in Syria.

While the story was based on a report in The Times of Israel, it cannot be discounted entirely. Russia’s role in Syria is limited to protecting its own interests. When it comes to choosing between Iran-Hizbullah presence in Syria, and Israel, Russia will side with the latter. Policy-makers in Tehran must keep this in mind when assessing Russia’s role.

Moscow does not want to see any major challenge to Israel, the racist entity that violates all international norms and standards. For Russia, Israel is an important trading partner.

There is, however, another dimension that worries the Zionist occupiers of Palestine: Hizbullah’s stockpile of missiles that are believed to be in excess of 100,000. These can target any installation across the Israeli-occupied territories. This was reported by IsraelHayom, a Hebrew language newspaper owned by Sheldon Adelson, the former casino mogul who died on January 11, 2021. The US-supplied Iron Dome can at best intercept only 70% of the missiles. So, if 1,000 missiles are fired, at least 300 or more will get through. These are enough to inflict major damage on the Zionist entity.

If the Zionist occupiers make the mistake of launching another war against Hizbullah as it did in July 2006, this is likely to become a much broader conflict. It may draw in the Palestinian Islamic groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, as well as Syria and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. The Zionists have been targeting Hizbullah and Iran’s military advisors in Syria with Russian complicity but they may go too far and invite a response from the victims.

The Zionist aggressors will find it difficult to fight a war on multiple fronts. Its experience against Hamas and Islamic Jihad last May exposed the limits of its military capacity. Even while Israeli politicians were breathing fire and threatening to launch a ground invasion of Gaza, the military commanders advised caution. It was not because they cared for Palestinian lives; the fact is the military commanders knew they could not launch an external invasion when the Palestinians inside Israel had already risen up. Israeli forces could not fight on two fronts simultaneously.

Imagine a war that is waged not on two but multiple fronts. That would probably spell the end of the Zionist entity.

This is not speculation. The former Israeli army chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot warned of the threat posed by Hizbullah, saying the resistance movement possessed thousands of long-range rockets and dozens or more precision-guided missiles. He was speaking to The Jerusalem Post newspaper last July. Discussing “the unmatched more than 150,000 rocket threat” from Hizbullah, he warned that the resistance movement had “strengthened its capabilities” since the 2006 war.

These warnings come amid deep divisions in the Israeli society despite Naftali Bennett, an even more right-wing extremist than Benjamin Netanyahu, taking over the helm of affairs in Israel. The Zionist entity is suffering from serious internal problems despite putting on a veneer of stability.

To get a glimpse into its true state of affairs, in 2006, only 35% of Israelis had dual nationality. Today nearly 90% of Israelis hold dual citizenship. This is a clear vote of no-confidence in the Zionist entity.

Soon after Israel’s attack on Gaza last May, Ha‘aretz, the Hebrew daily reported that more than 50,000 Israelis had left the country and sought political asylum in Europe. Now that is an irony. The Zionists argue that because of anti-Semitism in Europe, Israel’s existence is necessary to “protect” the Jewish people. So, the 50,000 Israelis that abandoned the Zionist utopia, did not think Europe posed a threat to their survival as Jews. Nor did they believe that Israel was the solution to any potential risk they may face.

While the Israeli occupation army admits to Hizbullah’s possession of hundreds of thousands of missiles and its media reports on these, what is not shared with the Israeli public is the following information. Hizbullah has the coordinates of all critical Israeli installations. Whether it is the chemical plants in Haifa or the Dimona nuclear reactor in the Negev desert, Hizbullah has them in its sights.

At the Hizbullah museum in Mleeta, South Lebanon, there is a huge map of Israel. It has all the critical points with their coordinates pinpointed on them. In the event of war, Hizbullah missiles will turn these installations into smouldering wreck. Imagine the chemical weapons factories in Haifa going up in smoke. Much of Israel will be engulfed in toxic fumes causing mass suffocation. Hizbullah does not have to possess chemical or nuclear weapons to defeat Israel. Its own weapons will be turned on it.

If Israeli politicians and generals are spending sleepless night because of this scenario, they deserve it. They have caused havoc to the lives of innocent Palestinians—men, women and children. It is time to return the favour.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 50, No. 10

Rabi' al-Thani 26, 14432021-12-01

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