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Zaakir Ahmed Mayet


Special Reports

Zionism’s doomsday scenario

Zaakir Ahmed Mayet

Dhu al-Hijjah 10, 14382017-09-01

Since its illegal creation, Zionist Israel’s fundamental policy has been to instill fear in the Palestinians and Arabs. This was predicated on Israel’s military might. Thanks to Hizbullah’s resistance, this policy has been made redundant.

Special Reports

Sykes-Picot: Collapse of the Political Framework

Zaakir Ahmed Mayet

Dhu al-Qa'dah 08, 14382017-08-01

Sykes-Picot has collapsed and with it US hegemony in the region. When analyzing it we must seek the fundamental principle underpinning Sykes-Picot: control and protection of colonial interests.

News & Analysis

Qatar or Israel?

Zaakir Ahmed Mayet

Shawwal 07, 14382017-07-01

The Saudi-led siege of Qatar has little to do with Doha’s alleged misconduct; it is more about serving the Zionist State of Israel.

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