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When Goliath is an Israel and David is a Muslim

Abu Dharr

We said it once and we’ll say it again: the actual polarization and factual divergence in the Muslim East is between Islamic Iran and Zionist Israel. Located around these two pivots (Islamic Iran and Zionist Israel) are to be found other power centers (most of the regional regimes) and popular forces (most of the indigenous populations). The pro-Zionist regimes — Arabian, African, and Asian — are beginning to suffer from terminal political maladies: corrupt officials, failing economies, and divisive bureaucratic decisions. On the other flank the local populations are showing increasing signs of opposition or other forms of resistance to strategies, plans, and proposals of the rickety ruling regimes. This is demonstrated at the present time in such countries as Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and Iraq — although the latter two are too higgledy-piggledy for any accurate generalization to characterize the turmoil that keeps seething unpredictably from month to month and year to year.

In the heat of this emerging polarity between runaway ruling classes and persevering populations in the Muslim East the rhetoric and the bombastic oratory between a midget imperial Israel supported by the USA and an up-and-coming giant Islamic self-determination led by the Islamic revolutionaries in Iran — not the Islamic Republicans in Iran — is reaching explosive friction levels. Statements fired by loose cannons along the Tel Aviv-Washington axis divulge plans to militarily and massively strike at military, strategic, infrastructure, and nuclear installations and areas in Islamic Iran. If these Israeli-American military plans are put into motion they will further consolidate the popular resistance, popular forces, and popular mobilization of the Islamic axis of resistance — the core of which is the land-and-people mass from Tehran to Tyre (Lebanon) — or if you like, from Baluchistan to Beirut. As the goofballs in the Israeli-American military-intelligence complex play out their out-of-control narcissitic “bible” based end-of-times strategies they, unbeknownst to them, are consolidating an Islamic comeuppance whose time has come.

The race is on: the Arabian regimes are frantically aligning themselves with the Zionists in one direction, and the Arab masses are anxiously lining up with the Islamic Resistance from the Hawzah to Hizbullah in the other direction. Islamic Iran is enriching its uranium, and semi-Islamic Turkey is peeling away from NATO. Other heads of state (Malaysia, Turkey, and Qatar) have plans for jump-starting serious anti-Zionist policies. In response to these developments the Israeli minister of war is threatening to turn Syria into Iran’s Vietnam. The Israeli war establishment is blowing hot and cold as it threatens to align the Arabian-Persian Gulf militaries with the American military to go to war against a justice-for-Palestinians Iran. These frenzied Israeli officials are feeling the heat. And don’t say we are anti-Semitic just because we are describing the alarm and panic concealed in the official statements of the Zionist officials who appear willing to bring down the global temple upon themselves and the rest — Samson style.

These racist Israelis know very well that their American led economic sanctions against Islamic Iran have not brought and cannot bring an Islamic Iran to its knees. These American supported Zionists watched with their own eyes how their attempt to agitate and destabilize Islamic Iran a short time ago failed miserably. The Zionist office-holders from Netanyahu to a private in his bunker on the colonized Golan Heights are edgy and jumpy, as they should be. And here is when it gets very tricky and dangerous: these worried administrators and tense technocrats in the Israeli entity may decide to use their nuclear weapons against the budding Muslim resistance. Netanyahu himself is being indicted for various crimes — all the more reason for him to begin a shooting war to refocus public attention and rally his citizenry around that holy word in the Zionist lexicon “survival of the Jewish race.”

We surmise that the decision makers in Islamic Iran are perfectly aware of these issues. And with their “carpet industry patience” the Iranians may be waiting for a trigger-happy Zionist to finally pull the trigger of war when all hell will break loose and the Zionist enterprise will have at long last written its ghastly obituary with its own horrendous hands. The Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, Hizbullah in Lebanon, Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Palestine and Ansarullah in Yemen are all on high alert. We don’t know whether the Zionists know it, but if and when this war breaks out, the pro-Zionist Arabian regimes will not hold and the transformation that will occur will usher in administrations that are more representative of their populations and all this will happen as the Zionist regime breaths its last breath. Israel is living through its waning years. Internally it cannot form a government, its orthodox religious population resists military service, and its racism against Muslim and Christian Palestinians is quickly making enemies out of those Palestinians who were either indifferent or status quo types. Externally, Israel’s military agreement with Russia concerning Syria is under strain, a potentially impeachable president Trump has no extra time to spend with a potentially indictable Netanyahu, and the BDS movement is beginning to devitalize, in a serious way, the Israeli economy. One thing is for sure. If and when an Armageddon-type war breaks out, Zionist Israel will no longer exist and neither will the Arabian regimes survive such a war intact.

Another observation about the crescendo of dangerous developments within the illegitimate Zionist racist state: Netanyahu faces crimes that can put him behind bars forever, and Israel faces a war that can put its lights out forever. For some, it’s either Netanyahu or Israel; for others it is both Netanyahu and Israel that will be wiped out.

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine — these are the countries whose people have become the harbingers of Islamic self-determination. Saudi Arabia, United Arab(ian) Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt — these are the regimes whose rulers will go down in history as being more Zionist than the Zionists themselves.

The capitalist idiots are so greedy for securing a corporate future that they cannot learn from their colonial past and their imperialist present. Their scheming strategies to own the oil fields and dominate the labor forces throughout Asia, Africa, and South America have blinded them to the simple fact that no empire in human history has ever been victorious in defeating a people and a civilization in their own fatherland. There are many lessons in ancient history and in our time and age. Lest we strain their memory, let us mention that the people’s determination (the Vietcong) defeated the most advanced military on earth (the USA in Vietnam). The Afghan people defeated/are defeating the two most advanced militaries on earth (the Soviet Union and the United States). The Algerian people defeated the militarily superior French armed forces in a struggle that continued for generations. The British Empire, which at one time could not see the Sun set on its continental territories, lost it all in South Africa, in India, in Southeast Asia, and now it has become the sick man of Europe.

We have no doubt that Islamic Iran, the Islamic Resistance, and the oppressed populations will score a victory against aggressors and colonialists in the final round. But our hands are on our hearts when it comes to the internal front. Within and among the broad masses that are yearning for freedom and justice are religious figures who are weak; they would want to capitulate early in the struggle. There are the liberal “Islamists” who cannot find a definition or justification for legitimate warfare when tens of millions of Muslims are homeless and tens of millions of others are victims of war. There are spineless administrators who belong to “Islamic” parties and they want to raise the white flag as soon as the Zionist and imperialist bombs go off. We have pathetic diplomats in sensitive positions in aspiring Islamic governments who regularly read the Qur’an but never learned the lessons of David and Goliath or “…if you [the committed Muslims] support Allah, He will support you…” (47:7).

The danger is not what comes from an avowed enemy as strong as he may be; the danger is what comes from an apparent ally as friendly as he may appear,

You [Allah] are our Supreme Sustainer! Support us, then, against prevalent establishments who deny truth and justice (2:286).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 11

Jumada' al-Ula' 06, 14412020-01-01

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