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Zionist, Arabian rulers aligned against Islamic Iran


It was David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, who in a moment of candor let it slip that the Arabian regimes were Israel’s first line of defence. These Arabian regimes vehemently protested this, calling it a “slur” that sullied their reputation. In 1948, the Arabian rulers presented themselves as champions of the Palestinian cause and vowed to liberate the Holy Land to prove their Arabism and manhood. Sixty years later, their mask has fallen off and they have come out openly against the Palestinians. They are in fact active partners in Zionist crimes. Prior to the launch of Israel’s onslaught on Ghazzah on December 27, 2008, Egypt’s Minister of Intelligence, Omar Sulaiman had told a visiting Israeli security official to attack and eliminate Hamas, the Islamic movement that serves as the elected government in Ghazzah.

To understand the Arabian regimes’ open alliance with Israel, and open hostility to the Islamic State of Iran, one must consider their origins. Not one of these regimes is legitimate. Most are colonial, primarily British creation to advance Western imperial designs. Even before the Zionist entity was planted in Palestine, the British had created such nation-states as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq by dividing the Middle East while the French carved Lebanon out of Syria. The division was carried out in the name of Arab nationalism to drive the Ottomans from the region. It is interesting to note Arab nationalism’s utility as a weapon against Islam. Yet Arab nationalism was a necessary precursor to Zionist nationalism, hence Ben Gurion’s statement that the Arabian regimes are Israel’s “first line of defence.”

While the Arabian regimes fought several wars against Israel, these were not wars of choice or liberation; they were imposed by Israel in its relentless drive for expansion and colonization. In addition to Syria’sGolan Heights, Israel also occupies Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula under the rubric of a US-brokered demilitarized agreement. Husni Mubarak, the Egyptian Pharaoh, does not mind this as long as he gets $1.5 billion bakhsheesh from the Americans to line his own pocket and those of his cronies.

The regimes in Jordan and Saudi Arabia are even greater monstrosities. Based on tribalism, both are subservient to the Americans and British. The two ruling families also claim spurious religious sanctity — the one in Jordan claims to be descendants of the Prophet (s), while the Saudis claim custodianship of the Two Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah — in order to mask their illegitimacy. If they possessed any religious legitimacy, they would be the first to support Islamic causes such as the liberation of Palestine from Zionist clutches as well as aligning themselves with Islamic Iran in its struggle against US-Western aggression and subversion.

The reality is very different. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt have joined hands with the Zionists to fight Iran’s influence in the region. Zionism has found a willing partner in Arab nationalism to fight Islam. Their ugly faces have been unmasked but since they lack self-respect, they are not embarrassed to be seen in the company of such unsavory characters as the Zionists. The Jordanians have for decades acted as Zionist agents alerting them to any moves by Arabian regimes. This was most clearly witnessed in October 1973 when Egypt was planning to attack Israeli forces across the Suez Canal occupying Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. King Hussain personally flew to Tel Aviv to alert Israeli leaders of the planned attack 48 hours before the Egyptian forces moved. In their arrogance, the Zionist rulers thought Egypt would not dare. Then Egyptian ruler, Anwar Sadat did not intend to liberate the Sinai Peninsula; he merely wanted to shake the status quo in order to secure some money from the Americans for his bankrupt regime.

The Sinai remains demilitarized and out of Egyptian control. In the process, the Egyptians have even abandoned the pretence of helping the suffering Palestinians. Relentless propaganda has turned many Egyptians against the Palestinians. The Mubarak regime is so tight with the Zionists that last June Israeli submarines armed with nuclear missiles sailed through the Suez Canal to enter the Indian Ocean in a show of force against Iran. David Schenker, writing for the Zionist magazine, Commentary (August 4, 2009), gloated over the fact that Israel was not alone in “confronting” Tehran. “These latest naval deployments also suggest that the warning to Iran extends beyond the Israelis. By granting canal access to the warships now, Cairo too is signaling its concern. In fact, lately Egypt’s Mubarak regime has been demonstrating an increasingly public identification with the nascent coalition against Iran,” wrote Schenker. He could have added, “led by Israel.”

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 39, No. 2

Rabi' al-Thani 16, 14312010-04-01

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