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Why Israel is Blocking Jewish Asylum Seekers from Moving to Iran?

Khadijah Ali

Zionist Israel claims to be a state only for the Jewish people. It further claims to represent the interests of Jewish people worldwide. A state entity exclusively for the “Jewish” people—as outlined in the nation-state law of July 2018—makes it a racist entity. At least 20% of Israel’s population is Palestinian, the original inhabitants of the land that the Zionist colonialists failed to completely ethnically cleanse from Palestine in 1948. It was not for lack of trying, as the numerous massacres of Palestinians clearly show.

Its other claim, to represent the interests of the Jewish people, is equally spurious. Take the case of the hundreds of Jewish families of the Lev Tahor ultra-Orthodox sect. Based in Guatemala, the group wanted to settle in Iran where they had applied for asylum in 2018. The Zionist regime and its godfather, the US, prevented the Jewish families from moving to the Islamic Republic. Lev Tahor is an anti-Zionist group that does not recognize the legitimacy of the Zionist entity declaring its establishment in Palestine as a violation of God’s injunctions in the Torah.

The Lev Tahor sect was founded in Jerusalem by Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans in the 1980s. The group fled to Canada and then to Guatemala in 2014 from where they planned to move to Kurdistan believing it to be the land of Babylon.

“Israel and the US are working to prevent members of an extremist (sic) ultra-Orthodox sect from moving to Iran, amid fears they could be used as a bargaining chip by Tehran,” the Times of Israel newspaper reported. How and why the Islamic Republic would use them as a ‘bargaining chip’ was not explained.

Iran has a vibrant 30,000-strong Jewish community that enjoys all the rights of citizenship. There is even a Jewish member of parliament representing his community within Iran’s legislative assembly, the Majlis. The Zionist regime has for decades tried to lure the Iranian Jewish community to Israel with offers of cash and other incentives. All such offers have been spurned because the Jewish community in Iran is happy and faces no problems whatsoever.

Compare this to the incessant mindless brutality inflicted on the Palestinians by the Zionist occupiers. There are nearly 5,000 political prisoners in Israel’s dungeons where torture is rampant. Hundreds of children and women are among the prisoners that face constant threats of sexual abuse.

In its October 18 report, the Times of Israel wrote: “Guatemalan authorities stopped two buses carrying members of an extremist Jewish ultra-Orthodox sect from traveling across the border into Mexico, from where they were reportedly planning to reach Iran to seek asylum, Hebrew media reported Monday [October 18].

“At the request of Israeli and US officials, who fear the Lev Tahor community could be used as a bargaining chip by Tehran, Guatemala has already prevented members from flying out of the country as they tried to head to the Islamic Republic.

“The buses were stopped Sunday [October 17] on their way to Mexico, where the passengers were apparently planning to board a plane to Kurdistan as a steppingstone to their final destination in Iran, the B’Hadrei Haredim website reported.”

Other reports in the Hebrew media said some leaders of the group had already arrived in Iran’s Kurdistan and were awaiting the arrival of their members. Why Israel and the US are so desperate to prevent the group from moving to the Islamic Republic is not difficult to fathom. These regimes do not care for the well-being of the Jewish people. After all, Israel is running a racket stealing the money owed to Holocaust survivors.

For the record, Israel did not exist when the Holocaust occurred. So, no compensation is due to this illegitimate entity. The money belongs to the survivors and family members of those that perished in the concentration camps.

Inside the Zionist ghetto, much tension is brewing among various groups. During Israel’s onslaught on Gaza last May, some 50,000 Israeli citizens holding dual European citizenship fled the country and wanted to settle back in Europe. Zionist propaganda has hitherto been telling the world that Jews are unsafe in Europe!

Israel is a deeply racist society. At the top of the Zionist racist pyramid sit Ashkenazi (white European/North American) Jews who occupy most important positions in government. The second layer is occupied by Sephardic Jews (of Middle Eastern origin). In the third category are Falasha (African) Jews although they face discrimination because of their skin colour and are not considered proper Jews. Palestinians are naturally at the bottom of this racist pyramid.

Zionist racism and anti-Semitism are gradually being exposed as the case of Lev Tahor ultra-Orthodox Jewish group shows. It is time to call out Zionist anti-Semitism.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 50, No. 9

Rabi' al-Awwal 25, 14432021-11-01

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