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Who’s backing the takfiris?

Zafar Bangash

The takfiris did not emerge in a vacuum. They have been financed, trained and armed by a number of countries for their nefarious designs. We expose the conspirators.

The eruption of takfiri terrorists in Iraq capturing Mosul exactly a year ago led to contrived alarm in Western capitals. If the largely ignorant Western masses did not know the reality, their regimes surely did, as did their mouthpieces — the media. The masses were deliberately kept in the dark about the West’s arming and financing of terrorists for a very specific purpose: to destabilize the Muslim East (aka the Middle East) and undermine the resistance front against Zionist Israel.

Evidence about the Western regimes’ support together with that of their regional allies — “Saudi” Arabia, Zionist Israel, Jordan, Qatar, and Turkey — for the takfiris is gradually seeping through. The takfiris have also occupied large swathes of territory in Syria declaring their “Islamic” State (IS). There is nothing Islamic about a bunch of throat-slitting, organ-eating savages. Their “Islamic” State (khilafah) is meant to repel Muslims from seeking the establishment of a genuine khilafah.

The takfiris are the poison fruit of Wahhabism, an obscurantist hate-filled movement that has plagued the Muslim world for 80 years. They act as Wahhabi storm troopers to destabilize the region in the service of imperialism and Zionism. The other aim is protection of the Najdi Bedouins’ grip on power in the Arabian Peninsula. The latter, however, are not the only ones behind this terrorist project.

Despite its claims to bombing takfiri bases and convoys — a ludicrous assertion since most US sorties return without dropping their bombs allegedly for not being able to find them! — the CIA has been deeply involved in gun-running for the terrorists. On March 23, 2013, the New York Times story about arms smuggling to the terrorists was captioned, “Arms airlift to Syria rebels expands with aid from CIA.” A few months later (August 2, 2013), the British daily, the Telegraph, reported thus, “CIA running arms smuggling team in Benghazi when Consulate was attacked.” This was a reference to the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 in which US ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed. Having murdered Muammar Qaddafi and turning Libya into a hellhole, the CIA got in on the act to smuggle weapons from Libya to Syria in support of the terrorists.

More recently, the Washington Post reported (June 12, 2015) that Congress was debating funding cuts to the CIA for its gun-running program in Syria. It amounts to $1 billion annually. The takfiris have large truck convoys to ferry arms. As Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out to the American TV host Charlie Rose during the Economic Forum in St. Petersburg last month, the takfiri terrorists are better armed than the Iraqi army. Who is supplying them such weapons?

Turkey and Jordan have been the main conduits for smuggling arms to the terrorists. Turkey has set up a buffer zone inside Syria where the terrorists are trained and equipped. When the Turkish daily, Cumhuriyet, showed video footage last month of Turkish intelligence agency (MIT) trucks loaded with weapons being smuggling to the terrorists in Syria, President Recep Tayip Erdogan called for a life sentence for its editor. He accused the editor of committing treason! In May, he had two prosecutors arrested and charged with treason for stopping and searching four MIT trucks (in November 2013 and January 2014) that were ferrying weapons to the terrorists. Officially, the Turkish government maintains it “does not support” terrorists!

Equally revealing is the involvement of the Zionist regime in helping the takfiris. Hundreds of them have been treated in hospitals in the Zionist State. Last month, Druze villagers in the Zionist occupied Golan Heights attacked two terrorists from al-Nusra Front being transported in an ambulance to an Israeli hospital. One terrorist was killed and the other badly beaten up for attacking the Druze in Syria. The takfiris consider them legitimate targets for execution as they consider anybody else, Muslim or non-Muslim, with whom they disagree. This is the signature mark of the Wahhabism being implemented through takfiris.

Each of these terrorist-supporting regimes is pursuing its own agenda. The Najdi Bedouins are desperately trying to cling to power by creating fitnah (sedition) among Muslims. They have always thrived on division. The Americans and their European allies want to destabilize the entire region to protect the Zionist State. “Blood borders” was how Colonel Ralph Peters described the region in 2006 proposing its further breakup. The Zionists are of course happy to see Muslims kill each other and destroy their countries. Erdogan, meanwhile suffers from megalomania and is dreaming of becoming the new Pasha of Turkey by becoming a US-Zionist stooge!

There is no limit to their wickedness; they will go to any length for their selfish interests even if it means killing tens of thousands of innocent Muslims.

Zafar Bangash is Director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 5

Ramadan 14, 14362015-07-01

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