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US, UK, France may be 'Complicit in Saudi war crimes in Yemen' - UN Report

Crescent International

Mohammad bin Salman (MbS), better known as Mr. Bone Saw for ordering the dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi’s body in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, is a nasty creature.

MbS, however, would not be able to carry out his gruesome acts especially in Yemen without the support of his Western and Zionist backers.

These regimes do not care for innocent civilian lives as long as they can lay their hands on the billions of dollars that Bin Salman steals from the country’s oil wealth.

This does not mean that everyone in the West is complicit in such crimes. Civil society groups in Western countries have periodically achieved symbolic victories.

This was witnessed last May when European civilians prevented the Saudi ship Bahri Yanbu from loading a deadly cargo of weapons from ports in France and Italy that would have been used against civilians in Yemen.

But Western civilians can do only so much. Regimes in Europe and North America including Canada continue to supply lethal weapons to the Saudis.

The UN Human Rights Council in its report released on September 3 has confirmed in a report saying that US, UK and French governments may be complicit in war crimes for assisting the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

The Saudis and their allies are attacking and deliberately starving civilians in Yemen as a military tactic.

American, British and French military advisors provide logistic support as well as in the selection of targets in Yemen.

Saudi planes have bombed schools (as happened in the summer of 2018 when more than 44 children were killed in attack on a school bus that the Human Rights Watch described as a war crime) as well as a prison in recent days in which at least 100 people were killed.

The UN Human Rights Council report was compiled from interviews with more than 600 victims and witnesses involved with the 55-month-long war in Yemen.

The report paints a pattern of human rights abuses that can only be described as deliberate.

These include indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets (schools, factories, warehouses, funeral processions as well as prisons), shelling non-military targets and intentionally impeding international aid including food from reaching civilians.

These clearly constitute war crimes. While Bin Salman, architect of the murderous war on Yemen is guilty of war crimes, so are rulers of the Western regime that sell him weapons to kill innocent people.

Far from showing remorse for the killing of more than 70,000 civilians and the near starvation of almost all 24 million people in Yemen, Western rulers have shown utter contempt.

Donald Trump has repeatedly said he has signed billions of dollars worth of arms contract with the Saudis. “American jobs depend on these contracts,” Trump insists.

And “America makes beautiful weapons,” he proudly proclaims.

Last July the US Congress passed a bill prohibiting the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia that would be used in Yemen, but Trump vetoed the measure.

Similarly, a British court recently held that UK arms sales were unlawful, as reported by the Guardian newspaper in June. The court ruled that British ministers failed to take into account the civilian damage that the weapons could cause.

French President Emmanuel Macron has been equally bloody-minded placing money above Yemeni lives. He defended selling weapons to Saudi Arabia saying it earns good income for France.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has resorted to similar arguments about protecting Canadian jobs when questioned about the $15 billion arms contract with the Saudis!

As long as Western regimes make money, they do not care how many innocent civilians including children are killed with weapons they supply to murderous thugs like Bin Salman.

They are partners in crime!

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