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Saudi attack on Yemen condemned in Toronto

Crescent International

Peace and justice loving Canadians have not been swayed by the nasty propaganda of the Saudi regime and its supporters in the west that their attack on Yemen is justified. Instead, hundreds of people braved strong winds to denounce the illegitimate Saudi regime for its equally illegitimate war on the poor people of Yemen. There were also demands to put the Saudi rulers on trial for war crimes.

Sunday April 19, 2015, 22:54 DST

Hundred of peace and justice-loving Canadians braved strong winds to rally at Toronto’s Dundas Square today to denounce the Saudis’ illegal war on Yemen. Chanting slogans against the Banu Saud as well as their masters in Washington DC, the protesters demanded an immediate halt to attacks on the Yemeni people that have killed more than 2,600 civilians so far. They also demanded that humanitarian aid be provided to the people of whom more than 120,000 (according to UN figures) have been displaced from their homes since the Saudis and their allies launched their war of aggression on March 26. There were also repeated calls for putting Saudi rulers on trial for war crimes since Yemen has not attacked Saudi Arabia.

Further, it is not the people of Yemen that have attacked Saudi Arabia, but the illegitimate regime of the Najdi Bedouins that has attacked the poorest Arab country in the region. Speakers included Ken Stone from the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, Sid Lacombe of the Canadian Peace Alliance, Dave Mckwee of the Toronto Coalition to the Stop the War, Zafar Bangash Director Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought and Maulana Zaki Bakri of Al Mahdi Centre.

There was a large group of women and children holding placards demanding an end to attacks on the Yemeni people as well as stopping all weapons supplies to the Saudi regime. There were demands that both the Canadian and American governments terminate their contracts with the Saudi regime to supply them weapons because they are using these to kill innocent people. Canada signed a $15 billion contract last year to supply weapons to the illegitimate Saudi regime. The US had signed a similar contract worth $60 billion in 2010.

Despite being the largest importer of weapons in the world, the Saudi regime is unable to wage its own war. It has been urging Pakistan and Egypt to send troops to fight the illegal war for them. There are strong indications that despite killing a lot of people, the Saudi regime has failed in its mission to defeat the Houthi fighters that are demanding their rights.

The Toronto protesters vowed to continue their demands to expose the crimes of the Saudi regime until these are brought to an end and the Saudi rulers are put on trial as war criminals.


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