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Turkey as NATO’s doormat?


Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian plane over Syria is an act of great provocation. It has increased the threat of global war several notches.

Is it conceivable that Ankara took this drastic step without coordinating with NATO? All evidence suggests the Russian plane was operating in Syrian air space attacking the takfiri terrorists that the US-led coalition also allegedly is fighting. Further, there was no direct threat to Turkey even if the plane — a big “if” and vigorously denied by Russia — had strayed for a few seconds into Turkish air space.

So what could be Turkey’s and NATO’s motives for this mindless provocation? Turkey has been the conduit for mercenaries and weapons into Syria through its intelligence agency, MIT.

Two points stand out about the timing of the Turkish aggression. First, the Russians were inflicting serious damage on the takfiri terrorists. The border crossings from Turkey into Syria were about to be shut down. Second, the attack came within days of the Vienna talks on Syria that stipulated specific steps toward a political solution to the five-year-old war on Syria.

Some dates were agreed. Negotiations were to begin between the Syrian government and the opposition on January 1, 2016 leading to a ceasefire and the establishment of an interim government, followed by multiparty UN-supervised elections in 18 months.

Turkey and NATO were clearly not sincere about peace through the Vienna talks, hence the attack on the Russian plane.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 10

Safar 19, 14372015-12-01

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