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Occupied Arab World

The land sale question in Occupied Palestine

Khalil Marwan

Oslo has been an unmitigated disaster for the Palestinians. They are caught between the Israeli brutes and Yassir Arafat’s thugs. If they fight their Zionist tormentors, Arafat’s thugs come after them; if they do nothing, they lose more of their land to the pushy Zionist settlers from Europe and North America.

On June 10, Newt Gingrich, the neanderthal man of the US congress, said those who threaten to kill Palestinians for selling land to the Jews were acting like Nazis. Gingrich is quite familiar with Nazi-tactics. In October 1995, he had pushed for a $20 million fund to overthrow the Islamic government of Iran. The Zionist-occupied US congress is more concerned about serving Zionist rather than American interests. But even that concern is based on hypocrisy.

In Israel, a maze of rules prohibits Jews from selling land to the Palestinians. A number of racist laws in effect in the zionist State have never aroused the slightest concern among US congressmen. For instance, the ‘law of return’ confers Israeli citizenship on any Jew, no matter where he or she was born, the moment they set foot in Occupied Palestine. The Palestinians who have lived there for millennia, are denied their basic rights on the most flimsy grounds. Often, lack of documents in their possession is used as a pretext to confiscate the Palestinians’ land even if they have lived there for generations.

The irony is that the land is handed over to zionists who are recent immigrants from the US or Russia. Such brazen theft of others’ land and property is how the zionists have expanded their militarist empire in the heartland of Islam.

Arafat and his men, however, have also completely sold out to the zionists. Not only are they cooperating with their tormentors in apprehending or killing Islamic activists (the cases of Dr Fathi Shiqaqi in October 1995 in Malta and of Yahya Ayyash in January 1996 in Ghazzah are the most obvious examples of PLO/Israeli collaboration), Arafat’s men are serving the zionists in other ways as well.

Some of the most prominent persons in Arafat’s Palestinian Authority are lining their pockets in economic schemes with the zionists. One of Arafat’s senior ‘ministers’, Jamil Tarifi, is part-owner in a major construction firm that builds Israeli settlements. Imagine. Palestinians are giving their lives to prevent the Abu Ghaneim settlement (Har Homa to the zionists) in East Jerusalem while Arafat’s ministers are busy building zionist settlements!

Nabeel Shaath, another prominent Arafat minister, has been busy for years stashing away bribes and pay-offs - and passing on more to his friends and family - by making exceedingly self-serving business deals with the Israelis while the people of Ghazzah sink further into unprecedented poverty and repression. The killings in Ghazzah and the West Bank also continue unabated.

But one needs to examine Gingrich’s stance about the Palestinians’ threat. Here is what Barton Gellman wrote in the Washington Post about the duplicitous Zionists. ‘In Israel, an intricate web of rules and policies by the Israel Land Authority and the Jewish National Fund make it nearly impossible for an Arab, even an Israeli citizen, to buy land owned by a Jew. Palestinians who lack the sovereign power to write similar rules, have more often resorted to violence to deter and punish sales from Arab to Jew’ (Washington Post, June 2).

The Palestinians have been enslaved in their own land by legal subterfuge, political duplicity, military might and the imposition of Arafat’s ‘client-regime’ pompously called the ‘Palestinian Authority.’ It now acts as a subcontractor for the zionists and their American masters.

Muslimedia - July 1-15, 1997

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 26, No. 9

Safar 25, 14181997-07-01

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