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Russian victory parade in Moscow amid reports of alleged capture of a Canadian general in Mariupol

Crescent International

What was Canadian general Trevor Cadieu doing in Ukraine, especially in Azovstal steel plant before his alleged capture by Russian troops as he tried to escape? There is no word from Ottawa about reports of his alleged capture?

Reviewing the victory parade in Moscow’s Red Square on May 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid rich tribute to the soldiers who died defending the motherland during World War II.

He also laid a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown soldier.

Russia lost 27 million men and women—the largest casualty figures by far of any country fighting Nazi Germany.

For the record, the total number of people killed during the Second World War was around 60 million.

Thus, Russian sacrifices amounted to nearly half of all those killed.

The Nazis were defeated in Russia on May 9, 1945, hence the Victory Day Parade in Moscow.

Not surprisingly, western politicians tried to rubbish Putin’s victory parade speech.

The Russian president also referred to the war in Ukraine saying it was a “preemptive move” because NATO countries were planning to attack Russia.

“NATO countries did not want to listen to us. They had different plans, and we saw it,” President Putin said.

They were planning an invasion into our historic lands, including Crimea … Russia gave a preemptive rebuff to aggression, it was a forced, timely, and only right decision.”

But there is another story doing the rounds: that of the alleged capture of a Canadian general by Russian troops while he was trying to escape Mariupol.

Lt. Gen. Trevor Cadieu was captured, according to these reports, on May 1 while trying to escape from Azovstal in Mariupol.

According to Russian media reports, Cadieu has already been moved to Moscow where he is being questioned about his mission in Ukraine.

On April 21, the Ottawa Citizen reported that Cadieu was facing sexual misconduct charges and was in Ukraine.

Ottawa has been mum about the activities of Cadieu and his alleged capture by Russian troops.

Reports in the Russian media say Cadieu was in charge of Azovstal’s underground bunkers, including biological laboratory No. 1, where 18 people worked with deadly viruses.

Might that explain Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unannounced visit to Kiev on May 8 that both Ottawa and the media are tip-toeing around?

Special forces operatives from a number of other NATO regimes are also deployed in Ukraine.

Accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, the ostensible purpose of Trudeau’s visit was to raise the flag at the re-opened Canadian embassy in Kiev.

Even the flag-raising ceremony turned out to be a fiasco.

The mechanism for raising the flag did not work!

It had to be raised on a pole in a stairwell beside the building.

The flag-raising fiasco symbolized what was truly afoot: direct NATO involvement in the war against Russia.

There is also another story that is being smothered under an avalanche of false western allegations against Russia that it might use biological weapons in Ukraine.

The fact is, US President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is involved in the production of biological weapons in Ukraine.

During his presidency, Donald Trump had tried to bribe Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to reveal information about Hunter Biden’s financial dealings.

Since Zelensky himself was involved with Biden Jr, he passed the offer.

It has now emerged that the secret headquarters, located in underground bunkers in Azovstal, is run by Metabiota company of Hunter Biden.

Zelensky is his partner-in-crime.

That also explains why so many important figures from French President Emmanuel Macron, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to Pope Francis were so keen to secure the evacuation of people from the sprawling steel plant in Mariupol and prevent its falling into Russian hands.

The aim was to smuggle the trapped NATO mercenaries and to prevent the secrets of biological laboratories from being exposed.

Are NATO special forces busy destroying the biolabs?

Russian forces may not be able to reach the labs in the warrens under the steel plant before they are destroyed.

The other possibility could be to unleash biological weapons upon the invading Russian army.

Nothing could be put past NATO operatives that are not constrained by any laws, rulers or morals.

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