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Khashoggi Murder a Wake-up Call?

Bin Salman too much of a stooge to have been the mastermind
Kevin Barrett

In literary stories, even the most mediocre characters can experience great awakenings. Gregor Samsa famously wakes up one morning to discover that he has been transformed into a gigantic insect (Franz Kafka, “The Metamorphosis”); while Rodion Raskolnikov eventually awakens to the unpleasant reality that he is not a “great man” but just a deluded petty criminal and despicable murderer (Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment).

Will Muhammad bin Salman, the self-appointed absolute dictator of “Saudi” Arabia, ever wake up to the fact that he is a human cockroach? Will Bin Salman ever realize, as Raskolnikov finally does, that he cannot get away with murder forever?

The unfolding saga of the murder and dismemberment of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Bin Salman’s henchmen — a brazenly shameless crime committed in full view of the world in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul — has unfolded day by day, chapter by chapter, like a crime novel about an evil and arrogant murderer who also happens to be uncommonly stupid. The only problem with this story is that the antihero, Bin Salman, is far more incompetent and unlikeable than Raskolnikov. Inviting an audience to identify with such a repulsive character would be an exercise in futility.

Wherever did the egomaniacal fool Bin Salman get the idea that he is some sort of “great man”? From his upbringing, I suppose. BS, like so many of his notoriously debauched relatives, was born with a silver spoon in his nose. Drugs, sex slaves, and money were all presumably available in limitless supply. This cannot be good for a young person’s moral and intellectual development. Even less is it acceptable in a nominally Muslim family that, thanks to its alliance with imperialists and Zionists, has usurped control of the Haramayn (the two holy cities of Makkah and Madinah).

But is the Khashoggi murder story only about the “evil clown prince” and his minions? Almost certainly, Bin Salman gave the order to torture Khashoggi to death. But might he have been put up to it, and encouraged to think he could get away with it, by his American-Zionist friends Donald Trump and Jared Kushner? That is the thesis of reports cited by Veterans Today editors Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh. Duff, a former high-level US intelligence insider, writes,

Our sources in the Saudi security services tell us that Jared Kushner personally authorized this, saying “the US does this kind of thing all the time” and noting that “my father-in-law is a bumbling idiot and will forget the whole thing so long as the prince keeps putting cash into the family coffers.”

That the White House’s fingerprints are all over this affair, with its bumbling nature and the obvious clues dropped to lead back to MbS, should not shock anyone. That it “uses” its own allies, especially those slow-of-mind goons who regard American loyalty to be sacrosanct, for its own geostrategic advantage should surprise only the fools. For at stake are the trillions in oil revenues and the futures they buy for mercenary American politicians and CEOs.

Duff is no stranger to the weapons and security business in Persian Gulf sheikhdoms. So even if the above Kushner quotes are not word-for-word accurate, they likely represent the gist of the truth. Ultra-Zionist kosher nostra princeling Jared Kushner and his orange-haired Shabbat goy father-in-law are extremely close to Bin Salman, who apparently bailed Kushner out of his catastrophic investment in 666 Park Avenue, New York. Kushner and Trump come from an organized crime milieu in which it is not entirely unheard of to dismember people alive with a bone saw to “send a message.” Bin Salman, a lower-level organized crime capo than Trump and Kushner, would have felt the need for a green light from higher places before ordering the brutal killing of a Washington Post journalist.

Duff lays out the background in an article headlined “Trump Ordered Khashoggi Mutilation Murder”,

This week, we learned that a recording, believed to have come from an Apple Watch worn by Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, a “play by play” of his vivisection by a CIA/Gina Haspel trained “torture pathologist” named Salah Muhammad al-Tubaigy, was delivered to the White House within hours of the October 2, 2018 killing. Not only did Trump know of the murder and its nature by October 4, according to confirmed sources, he ordered the killing as well. The story originates in the behind the scenes personal war between fake billionaire Russian mob money launderer Donald Trump and very real “richest guy anywhere,” Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post and em-ployer of Jamal Khashoggi.

The Turkish claim that Khashoggi’s brutal murder was recorded and broadcast by the victim’s Apple Watch seems unlikely, since the Apple Watch should not have been able to broadcast through thick consulate walls. The Apple Watch cover story presumably conceals “sources and methods,” meaning the precise means the Turks employ to bug the Saudi consulate.

A couple of weeks after the murder of her future husband, Khashoggi fiancée, Khadija Genghis, said she would consider accepting US President Donald Trump’s invitation to the White House if he made a real contribution to efforts to uncover what happened to Jamal inside the Saudi consulate. Those who are familiar with her background may consider such as expectation disingenuous. Why has this woman been left basically untouched, not a single inter-view, by the mainstream media, especially the Washington Post? Khashoggi’s family, in particular his Saudi wife, says that they only got wind of Khadija marrying Jamal after the murder took place in Istanbul. She is said to have been a Gulenist who switched to supporting the AKP while in detention after the failed CIA-organized coup attempt against President Erdogan in 2016. Furthermore, she trained with the Mossad for a few weeks, as part of a Turkish-Israeli military/intelligence exchange program. And then, waiting outside the Saudi consulate for her husband-to-be to re-emerge, she certainly must have heard the screams coming from inside the consulate as passersby claim they heard, yet it still took her four hours to contact the Turkish authorities. All of these details ought to have reporters salivating… yet complete and utter silence.

Did the highest-level authors of the murder know it would be recorded? US and Israeli intelligence, as well as organized crime figures close to those agencies, would know all about the Turks’ bugging the Saudi embassy. If Trump and Kushner or their associates ordered the murder, they would have known that the gruesome details would be recorded and eventually relayed to the world. This, they might have reasoned, would have a “chilling effect” on journalism — an effect they would welcome.

So Gordon Duff’s interpretation, minus the Apple Watch, is all too plausible. Duff notes that Trump has declared war on journalists, especially those of Bezos’ Washington Post, calling them “enemies of the people.” Duff also observes that Khashoggi faced no problems publishing in Saudi Arabia until his criticism of Trump led to his exile, presumably due to complaints from Trump and Kushner. When Khashoggi landed at the Washington Post, a far more influential perch than he had ever occupied in his homeland, Trump and Kushner must have been enraged. Did they order the torture-murder? Suggest it? Or just let Bin Salman know that they had his back in case such a thing happened?

So the vicious murder of Jamal Khashoggi probably involved not just the Saudi monarchy, but also the White House. Aside from a brief mention on CNN, no mainstream outlet has dared to entertain the possibility of complicity. And when Rep. Joachim Castro (D-TX) openly spoke of reports that Kushner orchestrated the Khashoggi killing, the Zionist-dominated “mighty Wurlitzer” MSM viciously attacked him and forced him to issue a public retraction.

If Kushner really did help orchestrate the Khashoggi murder, one wonders whether Bin Salman, and perhaps even Kushner himself, might be pawns in a larger game. The two young gangsters, both rash, inexperienced, and not terribly bright, could have been manipulated by more sophisticated actors. It is worth noting that the Khashoggi murder scandal exploded into the headlines just days after the following series of events: Trump ordered an increase in Saudi oil production, but the Saudis refused; Trump barked out that the Saudi regime “wouldn’t last two weeks” without US support, but Bin Salman barked back that he wouldn’t pay a single dollar for protection.

Might elements of the US deep state, such as Kushner’s advisor Henry Kissinger and his friends, have orchestrated or amplified the Khashoggi murder scandal as a wake-up call to remind the evil clown prince who is really in charge? If so, the message might be, “We can remove you at any time, so stop disobeying us.”

Regardless of who else was involved in the Khashoggi murder and why, this heinous crime, like so many others committed by Bin Salman and his henchmen (including the mass murder of tens of thousands of Yemeni children) should be a wake-up call to the Muslim Ummah. The Saudi royals in general, and Bin Salman in particular, are a disgrace to anyone with half a conscience. Their misrule of the Haramayn is intolerable. And their position as swing oil producer on behalf of imperialism and Zionism, robbing the people of the region and the larger Islamic Ummah of its rightful resources in service to the international usury cartel and its war on Islam, is equally intolerable. They need to be retired ASAP… by Muslims, not by Americans and Zionists.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 9

Safar 23, 14402018-11-01

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