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Is the US serious in fighting the takfiris?

Crescent International

Not only are the US and its allies not serious in fighting the takfiris but they are actually supporting, financing and arming them. There is ample evidence of this despite loud claims by the US to fight them. The real aim is the destruction and destabilization of the entire region.


2014-12-27, 11:47 EST

Outside the close circle of American propagandists, few people believe that the US is really fighting the takfiris in Iraq and Syria. Instead, there is irrefutable evidence that the US and its allies are actually helping them in numerous ways to continue their barbaric practices so that the US’ war on terror can continue. The latest evidence of this came from fighters in Iraq’s Salahuddin Province where volunteer Iraqi fighters are battling the takfiri terrorists for control. Even as the Iraqi volunteers were making steady progress against the takfiris, American helicopters were dropping boxes of weapons in Yathrib and Balad districts in areas held by the takfiris.

Using the standard excuse in such cases, the Americans say it was a “mistake”. This raises several questions. Are the Americans so incompetent—and this cannot be ruled out—that they do not know the areas controlled by the takfiris? Even given their legendary incompetence, why is that the Americans keep dropping weapons in areas controlled by the takfiris each time forces battling them begin to make progress as in Salahuddin Province in Iraq?

How many times can the Americans make such mistakes? After all, they have dropped weapons to the takfiris in Syria on five different occasions, as the Rahbar of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei pointed out in his address to foreign scholars on November 25, 2014. He said Iran had proof that the Americans dropped such weapons on at least five different occasions. Is it conceivable that they made a mistake five times?

In the Kurdish town of Kobane in Syria, as Kurdish fighters were making progress against the takfiri attackers, a video surfaced in October that showed the terrorists capturing bundles of weapons that the US had airdropped ostensibly to help the Kurdish defenders. The US claimed it was a “mistake.” Perhaps but was it also a “mistake” when US Senator John McCain had a meeting with Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in May 2013?

McCain had sneaked illegally into Syria from Turkey to meet Syrian rebels including leader of the now defunct group, the Free Syrian Army, Salim Idriss. Syria should charge McCain with illegal entry into the country as well as meeting terrorists and issue a warrant for his arrest. McCain’s own office inadvertently released the photographs with Baghdadi and other terrorists. Now that was a real mistake.

The photographs were not meant for release at least not with Baghdadi, the self-declared Khalifah. Or is he an American appointed Khalifah? The US and its Nato as well as regional (puppet) allies have allegedly been conducting air strikes against the takfiris in Syria and Iraq. Such strikes have failed to make any progress against the takfiris. Instead, on December 24, the takfiris claimed to have shot down a Jordanian air force US-supplied F-16. The pilot Maaz Kassasbeh was captured and his photograph flashed around the world. Both the US and Jordan denied the plane was shot down. Instead, they insisted it crashed due to “technical failure” forcing the pilot to eject.

Whatever the truth—and it may well be that the plane went down due to technical problems—the takifirs have been handed a propaganda coup. They now have another trophy in the form of a Jordanian pilot, in their possession. It is, however, the entire US-allies operation that needs to be properly understood. The criminal acts of the takfiris are actually helping the cause of the imperialists and Zionists.

Many fair-minded Western scholars and commentators have also realized this and are speaking out against US policies.

For instance, Anthony Hall, Professor of Globalization Studies at Lethbridge University in England, told Press TV on Saturday (December 27) that the US has rebranded its so-called war on terror in the name of fighting the takfiri terrorists in Iraq and Syria. He said “the people who are fighting ISIL are also creating ISIL.” He went on: “We are being presented with constant stream of propaganda—hate Islam, hate the Arab world.”

Professor Hall was also clear about the real perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks: the Zionists that control and guide different US agencies. Not only US agencies but the entire political system starting with Congress is controlled by the Zionists. As political commentator Pat Buchanan famously said, the US Congress is Zionist occupied territory!

“Until we get to the roots of the big fraud, the big lie [of who perpetrated 911], the base of this whole so-called global war on terror and its now being rebranded, we’re in dire straits,” Professor Hall insisted.

He joins a long list of other commentators—Americans, British, German, French and a host of others—that categorically reject the official version of 911 as put out by the 911 Commission. Even family members of the 911 victims do not buy into the pack of lies peddled in the “official report.” They have demanded a proper investigation into those behind the attacks.

The world is not likely to know this until 50 or 100 years down the road when millions of innocent people would have perished in US’s endless criminal wars.


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