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Week In Review

Infighting among takfiris in Idlib will reduce Turkey’s influence

Clashes have been widely reported between Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Hurras al-Deen (HD) in some parts of Idlib, controlled by NATO-backed militias.

It is routine for Wahhabi groups to fight among themselves even as they fight Syrian government forces.

Since the start of the proxy-war in Syria, NATO supported militias have been cannibalizing themselves due to their regressive understanding of Islam.

Theological offspring of the Khawarij extremists which quickly cannibalized, their contemporary offshoots have followed the same route.

The latest events in Idlib point to the fact that such groups are incapable of establishing a functional state system.

This is precisely the reason why NATO regimes provided them support.

Infighting among takfiri groups will significantly undermine Turkey’s geopolitical influence in the region.

Among governments which aggravated the situation in Syria, Turkey is one of the last remaining powers still actively involved as a key patron of terrorist militias.

Such infighting among Ankara’s proxies will be difficult to control. What this means is that sooner or later, it will have a negative impact on Turkey’s policies and standing.

Courtesy: Middle East Eye

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