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Don’t Believe a Liar Even if… He is Telling the Truth

Abu Dharr

Thank you Saudi Arabia (I never thought I’d utter these words) but thank you for making it crystal clear for anyone and everyone to see who you really are. You were hiding behind Islamic imagery and traditional rituals that made it difficult for many Muslims to see your real face. Your crime at your consulate in Istanbul, which is the talk of town and breaking news all over the world, has exposed your criminal character, vindictive characteristics, and your scandalous subordination to your masters the Zionists — who we can trace all the way back to Bani Qurayzah, Bani Qaynuqa‘, and Bani al-Na∂ir.

Now is the time for those who confuse their “Sunni” affiliation with Umayyad traditions to come clean and draw the line between belonging to the Prophet (pbuh) as a proper “Sunni” definition is, and belonging to a quiescent ritual-centric “Islam.” The latter has been imposed on Muslims since the grand larceny of Islamic governance committed by the kings and royals that commenced with Mu‘awiyah and continues to this very day under the auspices of the wealthy and Zionist-connected tribal chiefs of Arabia.

The cruel cutting into pieces and the tearing from limb to limb within the confines of a Saudi consulate by Saudi hit men and diplomats of one of their own citizens fits very well in the tradition of the kings and dictators that ruled over the Muslims after the period of the first four successors to the Prophet (pbuh).

If only Muslims were acquainted with their own history! It was Mu‘awiyah who gave the orders to kill Hujr ibn ‘Adi because Hujr objected to the Umayyad policy of defaming Imam ‘Ali from the minbars throughout the Islamic realm. It was the initial Umayyad ruler who endorsed the execution of ‘Amr ibn al-Hamq al-Khaza‘i who forsook his hometown and traveled in Madinah to join the Prophet (pbuh) and devote himself to Allah (swt) and the Prophet.

It was the Umayyad dynasty cloaked in the formalities of Islam that killed the foremost youth of paradise Imam Hasan ibn ‘Ali (the Prophet’s grandson) by poisoning him. It was the brutal Umayyad rulers commanded by an inebriated Yazid who slaughtered Imam Husayn (the other grandson of the memorable Prophet) in the heart drenching massacre at Karbala’.

Then came Imam Zayd ibn ‘Ali who stood for justice (the quintessential feature of Islam that was asphyxiated by the Umayyad royals) but was (like his grandfather) ruthlessly slain by another Umayyad king — Hisham ibn ‘Abd al-Malik. His son Yahya opposed the tyranny of kings and their disregard for justice and he, too, was killed by the Umayyad usurpers of power and authority.

The Islamic opposition to tyrannical rule also included Ibn al-Ash‘ath, Ibn al-Zubayr, the folks of al-Harrah, and others who stood firm in the public sphere against despotic rulers and unqualified decision makers.

The Saudi regime today is not following the Sunnah of Rasul-Allah (pbuh); they are following the “sunnah” of Umayyad and ‘Abbasid ruling clans. The ‘Abbasids also had to deal with an Islamic opposition that stood for justice and equality, and was not fooled by ritualistic cosmetics. Notable among them was al-Nafs al-Zakiyah in Madinah and his brother Ibrahim in al-Basrah; there was Idris in al-Maghrib, al-Nasir al-Utrush in al-Daylam and al-Hadi in Yemen.

If Muslims would just read their own history… they would come to realize that there has been a continuum of individuals and tribes that have legitimized their rule by camouflaging their perfidy with Islamic rites and routines. And there have been Islamic opposition organizations and movements that have disagreed with and resisted such illegitimate regimes and powers.

Saudi Arabia has blood on its hands. It is going to take the combination of Zionists, imperialists, and their underling ruling classes throughout the world to save the Mu‘awiyahs and Yazids in Arabia today. In a sense, Jamal Khashoggi is to King Salman what Hujr ibn ‘Adi was to Mu‘awiyah.

The Umayyads killed their opponents by burying them alive, or by decapitating them, or by throwing them down from high places, or by poisoning them. The Umayyads also bribed their enemies. The same is true of the Saudi dynasty today.

For those who missed it: Khashoggi never considered himself an opposition figure, yet he ended up dying like an opposition figure. Here is a quick timeline with salient comments:

• October 2: He enters the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to finish some paperwork pertaining to his intended marriage to a Turkish woman. Why couldn’t he have done that in Washington, DC where he lives and works? Is there something better about the Saudi consulate in Istanbul compared to the Saudi consulate in Washington?!

• October 3: Officially, his whereabouts become unknown. Why did it take four hours for his fiancée to contact the police? What was she doing in those four hours, and why couldn’t she accompany her husband to be into the consulate?

• October 4–5: Saudi Arabia denies it has anything to do with Khashoggi’s disappearance. What happened to the closed circuit TV monitors and recordings? Are we to believe that they were out of service on that particular day?!

• October 6: The mainstream media tells us that he was killed inside the Saudi consulate. Why didn’t this same mainstream media interview each and every employee of that consulate and ask them the reason they were dismissed at noon on October 2 and told to go home?

• October 7: Erdogan is waiting and waiting and waiting… in the worldwide media. Or is he appearing to be waiting to gauge the extortion capacity of this Saudi crime: there are about 1,000 Saudi and Turkish companies, businesses, and corporations that work and invest in each other’s economy. The commercial credit Turkey gets from Saudi Arabia is about $8 billion per annum and climbing. And more than 250,000 Saudis go to Turkey each year as tourists. Erdogan has to appear to be running out of patience.

• October 8: The pressure is on. Saudi Arabia’s arm is being twisted, and its boss in Washington, DC is waiting for the right moment to shake down the Saudi treasury to its single digits.

• October 9: The Saudis give in and permit the Turkish authorities to enter the consulate. Meanwhile, a report attributed to the Turkish ambassador in Lebanon indicates that MbS confessed to Erdogan about all this being an American setup; and MbS offered $5 billion if Turkey would kill the Khashoggi story.

• October 10: The mainstream media tries to play up a storyline that Khashoggi was abducted. As this drama unfolds, British intelligence says it has information that Khashoggi died because he was given an overdose of sedatives while involved in a struggle. Only the evil Brits would offer such “a way out” for the Saudis… accidental death!

• October 11: Erdogan appears to be nervous in the mainstream media. It appears that the Saudi royals have not offered him the acceptable amount of incentives to whitewash their crime.

• October 12: Investors, venture capitalists, and financiers express their decision not to attend the “Davos of the Desert” that is scheduled to be held in Riyadh in a couple of weeks.

• October 13: Official Washington raises the stakes and threatens the Saudi underlings with dire consequences if they do not come clean on the whereabouts of their Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi. How clever a plot: Washington uses Saudis against Saudis. Why did Washington give Khashoggi, the Saudi insider, a column in the Washington Post? Now we know why.

• October 14: Saudi Arabia reacts… the managing head of its flagship TV satellite station comes out and says that if his country is set upon by other countries (USA) it will use its oil weapon, buy weapons from Russia, and make up with Iran! Would or could such a thing happen, knowing that the Saudi royals breath American oxygen and feed off imperialist chow?

• October 15: The Turkish authorities enter the Saudi consulate and investigate the premises for any evidence of a crime. They stay in the consulate for 8–9 hours. As CI goes to press, it is impossible to tell whether the Turkish authorities will honestly disclose all the evidence they say they have, or be persuaded to look out for their “national interest” and fudge the issue for the sake of some type of trade-off.

• October 16: The American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrives in Riyadh and then leaves for Turkey. Does he have the capacity and the diplomacy to reconcile Riyadh with Ankara? Are the Turkish officials also second fiddle to American diktat? How much money will the Saudis have to pay to dig out of the stinky hole they dug for themselves?

And what a fantastic diversionary tool used by the mainstream media leading up to the American midterm elections that are billed to be the most important in the history of the US. No one is talking about Russia-gate. No one is talking about Trump’s loops around the tax laws. No one is talking any longer about the US Supreme Court’s tilt to the right. No one is talking about Israeli systematic theft of the West Bank. No one is covering the millions of Yemenis who will die of starvation and epidemics, etc.

They destroy themselves and Allah knows that they are definitely liars… (9:42).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 9

Safar 23, 14402018-11-01

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