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Another Saudi commander killed in Yemeni fighting

Crescent International

Saudi army commanders are known for putting on a show of bravado but are grossly incompetent. Major General Abdul Rahman bin Saad al Shahrani was killed as he was out inspecting troops in the border region. The Saudi Press Agency carried an announcement from the Saudi Armed Forces today confirming his death. Yemen is turning into a Saudi graveyard.

Sunday August 23, 2015, 23:09 DST

In another blow to its faltering military campaign in Yemen, the Saudi regime has confirmed that a senior army commander has been killed in Yemeni attack on the kingdom’s southern border region. Major General Abdul Rahman bin Saad al-Shahrani, commander of the eighteenth army brigade, was critically injured in an attack by Yemeni forces while inspecting military deployments along the kingdom’s southern border region. He was rushed to hospital but died of his injuries. It was not revealed when he was injured but his death was announced by the Saudi armed forces in a statement released by the official Saudi Press Agency a few hours ago today.

Yemeni forces backed by popular militias especially the Ansarallah, have carried out daring raids inside Saudi Arabia in retaliation for the Najdi Bedouins’ brutal attacks on civilian targets in Yemen. Thousands of Yemeni civilians have been killed, among them a large number of children. Further, at least 80 percent of Yemen’s 24 million people are food deficient, according to the World Food Program. While the Najdi Bedouins attack civilians in Yemen, the Yemeni forces attack Saudi military bases as happened earlier today when they took control of two Saudi army bases in the border region of Jizan.

Yemen’s Al Masirah television reported that Yemeni troops also destroyed a tank, seized three others, and destroyed several other military vehicles in the same region. Another retaliatory rocket attack was launched on Jizan, leaving one Saudi solider dead. In a revealing twist, while the Saudis are attacking civilians, they are also helping al-Qaeda terrorists to gain ground. The port city of Aden where Saudi and Emirati troops had made advances, has become a hotbed for al-Qaeda terrorists. They have taken control of large parts of the city and are terrorizing the local population.

This provide further proof that the Saudi regime is supporting al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in its nefarious agenda to take control of Yemen and install its puppet, Abd Rabbo Hadi Mansour in power. He fled Yemen last March as the Ansarallah militia advanced on the port city of Aden. He surfaced in Jeddah and is currently ensconced in a Saudi palace claiming to be the ‘legitimate’ president of Yemen. The Saudi campaign against Yemen is not going according to plans despite killing a lot of civilians. The latest killing of a Saudi general will drive home the point that Yemen cannot be subdued by military force.

The Saudis may have dug their own grave.


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