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Main Stories

Taliban’s Triumph: A Geopolitical Earthquake

Kevin Barrett

The Taliban victory over US imperialism and its Nato allies has shifted the balance of power to the Eurasia landmass. This region will now serve as the engine of economic growth and development.

Main Stories

After the Shooting War, Other Forms of Warfare Against the Taliban Continue

Zia Sarhadi

The shooting war in Afghanistan may be over but other forms of warfare continue. These include economic and propaganda warfare with the specific aim to frustrate the Taliban’s consolidation of power...


Prospects for Peace and Stability in Afghanistan


Barring the defeated powers (US, NATO and India), the rest of the world wants peace and stability in Afghanistan. If Afghanistan’s immediate neighbours put their heads together and coordinate polici...


Getting Afghanistan Wrong Again

Zafar Bangash

There is no shortage of ‘experts’ giving unsolicited advice to the Tali...


Man Builds the House, Woman Makes the Home

Abu Dharr

US-zionist client regimes in the Middle East are acting as “Islamic legit...

News & Analysis

Saudis Panic as US Considers Leaving the ME

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

There are unmistakable signs that the US is turning away from the Middle Ea...

News & Analysis

Syrian Army Close to Liberating Entire Country

Ayman Ahmed

After 10-years of a brutal war launched through mercenaries that came close...

News & Analysis

US Defeat in 9/11 Wars Accelerates “Pivot to China”—Opening for Islamic Alternative

Kevin Barrett

The US pivot to China has opened up space for Islamic self-determination to...

News & Analysis

Afghanistan: Land of Warriors and Mystics

Zafar Bangash

Given the 43-year-long war to which the Afghans have been subjected, it is ...

Economic pressure and exploiting political differences among the Taliban are tools the US-Nato combine will use to undermine Afghanistan. The doom and gloom projections, however, are not likely to com...

The vast majority of Canadians feel Israel should be sanctioned because of its oppression of Palestinians. The pro-Israeli organizations, among them B’nai Brith brand anyone criticizing Israel as an...

News & Analysis

Guantanamo Bay: America’s Eternal Torture Chamber

Khadijah Ali

Once the US occupation army fled Bagram air base, the Taliban released the ...

News & Analysis

South African Human Rights Organisations Challenge Israel’s Observer Status at AU

Iqbal Jassat

The Zionist state of Israel does not belong to Africa yet the gatekeeper of...

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Outsiders should not make demands of the Taliban to have an "inclusive government" in Afghanistan. No country in the world has an inclusive government.

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