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Worldwide Rallies Against NATO and for Right of Return for Palestinians

Crescent International

Rajab 24, 14402019-03-31

On Saturday March 30, peace and anti-war activists held rallies in different capitals to demand that NATO be dismantled as well as to support the Palestinians’ right of return.

Israeli Attacks on Gaza Destroyed 30 Palestinian Homes, Damaged 500 Others, Causing $2 Million Losses

Crescent International

Rajab 22, 14402019-03-29

The Zionist occupation regime continued with its barbarous policy of causing death and destruction in the besieged Gaza Strip. In the missile and aerial attacks on the tiny enclave on March 25, the Zionists destroyed 30 houses completely and caused damage to 500 others.

Exposing the Falsehoods Surrounding Quds Day Rallies

Michael Keefer

Rajab 18, 14402019-03-25

On March 20, 2019, the Toronto City Council held hearings into the annual Quds Day rally in Toronto that is held in the last week of Ramadan every year. Pro-Israeli Zionist groups have alleged the rally “spreads hate” and have called for banning it. A number of submissions were made to the City Council both for and against the Quds Day rally. We reproduce below the submission by Prof. (Emeritus) Michael Keefer to City Council in support of the rally.

Trump does Not Own Golan Heights to Give to the Zionists!

Crescent International

Rajab 17, 14402019-03-24

Donald Trump is not only a narcissist he is also a complete moron. In simple terms, he is thick and stupid. How can he say he recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights?

Christchurch Mosque Massacre: Feigning Indifference About Israel's Role as Architect of Islamophobia is Unforgivable

Iqbal Jassat

Rajab 11, 14402019-03-18

Violent brutality often seen on cinema screens as well as TV and online broadcasts - a hallmark of Hollywood, always ends with a sigh of relief in the knowledge that fiction triumphed over reality.

Terrorist Attacks at Two New Zealand Mosques Leave 50 Dead and dozens Injured

Crescent International

Rajab 08, 14402019-03-15

Self-confessed Australian terrorist, a rightwing white extremist, killed 49 people and injured at least 48 others at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand today.

Israel’s Strategic Stranglehold on American Politics – truthdig

Chris Hedges

Rajab 07, 14402019-03-14

The Israel lobby’s buying off of nearly every senior politician in the United States, facilitated by our system of legalized bribery, is not an anti-Semitic trope. The lobby’s campaign of vicious character assassination, smearing and blacklisting against those who defend Palestinian rights—including the Jewish historian Norman Finkelstein and university students, many of them Jewish, in organizations such as Students for Justice in Palestine—is not an anti-Semitic trope. It is a fact.

The US Empire Sanctions: Comparison of Zimbabwe and Venezuela

Dr Mustafa Bothwell Mheta

Rajab 06, 14402019-03-13

Sanctions are viewed as representing the middle ground in international politics. Considered more severe than verbal condemnation, they are less severe than the use of force.

Israeli Killings in Gaza may Constitute Warcrimes – UN Human Rights Report

Crescent International

Rajab 03, 14402019-03-10

The Independent Commission of Inquiry established by the UN Human Rights Council did not mince words. At a Geneva press conference on February 28, its spokesperson said that by shooting unarmed civilians in Gaza, Israel “may have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Sisi’s Dictatorship Ravaging Egypt

Dr Aayesha Soni

Rajab 01, 14402019-03-08

The video is chilling: 23-year-old Mahmoud el-Ahmady desperately appeals to the judge in an Egyptian court. His testimony is agonising to watch: a young man who has obviously been brutalised by an unfair regime, now trying to prove his innocence before a flawed justice system.

Pakistan shoots down two attacking Indian fighter planes as threat of war escalates

A Special Correspondent

Jumada' al-Akhirah 22, 14402019-02-27

Indian attack on Pakistan could easily escalate into a full-scale war between two nuclear armed rivals blowing up the entire region. It is imperative that the UN takes its responsibility seriously and prevent a catastrophe from occurring before the war erupts.

Clover Sellout to Apartheid Israel Faces Resistance

Iqbal Jassat

Jumada' al-Akhirah 06, 14402019-02-11

What is it about Clover Dairy's (South African company) proposed sellout to Israel's Central Bottling Company (CBC) that has everyone up in arms?

IRAN at 40: Time to Salute Steadfastness & Independence

Iqbal Jassat

Jumada' al-Akhirah 01, 14402019-02-06

The Islamic revolution was successful because of the enormous sacrifices of the people of Iran under the leadership of Imam Khomeini who was totally immersed in Islamic teachings. He relied only and only on Allah, and not on any of the predatory powers.

Quebec premier adds insult to injury by claiming there’s ‘no Islamophobia’ in the province

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Ula' 29, 14402019-02-04

Commenting on Legault’s remarks, Thomas Woodley, President of Canadian for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME), stated, “If Mr. Legault wants to know if there is Islamophobia in Quebec, he has only to ask his fellow Muslims who face Islamophobia in all aspects of their lives – especially when it comes to finding a job.”

UK rebuffs India's attempt to censor Kashmir Conference in British Parliament

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Ula' 28, 14402019-02-03

Used to terrorizing Kashmiris seeking independence from India’s brutal occupation, Delhi thought it could force Britain also to adopt a similar policy. The All Parties Parliamentary Group on Kashmir in the British Parliament will hold Kashmir Solidarity Day in the British Parliament today.

Is Lebanon’s Economy About to Collapse?

Khalil Umar

Jumada' al-Ula' 26, 14402019-02-01

In case of government debt, politics usually plays an important role in the decision to open and close the debt tap and in Lebanon everything is political. It seems that debt lenders—international financial institutions—have a vested interest in keeping the debt cycle going.

Pro-Israel Group Launches Vicious Attack on ICIT Director

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Ula' 24, 14402019-01-30

For a group claiming to promote human rights, Bnai Brith, the hardcore Zionist entity, takes a lot of liberties with truth. Its latest example is the vicious attack launched against ICIT director Zafar Bangash accusing him of ‘anti-semitism’ and ‘homophobia’.

Canadian Jewish group loses ‘charitable’ status for funding Israeli army and Zionist squatters

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Ula' 22, 14402019-01-28

In addition to illegally supporting the Israeli occupation army, CRA auditors said Beth Oloth had funded projects totaling $1.2-million for illegal Zionist squatter camps euphemistically called ‘Jewish settlements’ in occupied Palestinian territories

Erdogan regime arrests Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul 48 hours after his release

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Ula' 20, 14402019-01-26

Within 48 hours of his release on Thursday, January 24, the Erdogan regime re-arrested the leader of the Furkan Islamic movement in Turkey, Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul. He was arrested one year ago.

Showing 41-60 of 951

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