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Rabi' al-Awwal, 14452023-10-01

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 8

News & Analysis

Godfathers Of American Neo-conservatism

Waseem Shehzad

The neo-cons have captured American policy both domestic and foreign. While they have pushed the US into endless destructive and expensive wars, they have not given up. We examine their roots and those who were and are its leading proponents.

Main Stories

India-Middle East Corridor: A Zio-American Belt and Road?

Kevin Barrett

The India-Middle East Europe Corridor (IMEC) was announced amid much fanfare at the G20 summit in Delhi last month. It is more the wishful thinking of US president Joe Biden than a realistic option to replace China’s Belt and Road Initiative.


By Falling, We Learn To Go Safely

Abu Dharr

If the early Muslims had an opportunity to put in place a proper institutional framework, the tragedy that erupted during Uthman’s khilafah may have been avoided.

News & Analysis

Contradictions And Challenges In Saudi-Israeli Normalization

Omar Ahmed

The Americans, especially Joe Biden is desperate to clinch a deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel. So is Netanyahu but Saudi crown prince is playing coy. What is MbS up to with his on again off again normalization plan?

News & Analysis

Why The Generals Want To Destroy Pakistan

Zia Sarhadi

Pakistani generals have usurped all powers of state and dominate all its institutions. They consider themselves smart but they are not. They have messed up the country and brought to verge of bankruptcy. They are doing all this to appease the US that will never be satisfied.

News & Analysis

Israel Will Not Survive Another War With Hizbullah

Ayman Ahmed

It appears zionist Israel has a death wish. It is issuing threats against Hizbullah but should another war break out between Israel and Hizbullah, it is almost certain that Israel will be obliterated. Even Israeli analysts admit this outcome.

News & Analysis

Nijjar The Latest Victim Of Indian State Terrorism

Khurshid Alam

Indian state terrorism has come to Canada. This was evident in the brutal murder of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey, BC (a suburb of Vancouver). The Canadian government has taken a strong stance over the killing of its citizen. Time will tell whether Ottawa will be able to hold its ground or succumb to economic interests.

News & Analysis

Is BRICS The Lesser Of The Two Evils?

Imran Khan

Is BRICS really an alternative to the US-imposed global order or merely an appendix to it? The analysis presented in this article sheds light on other hitherto neglected dimensions of what BRICS really stands for.

News & Analysis

Karabakh: Russia Won Another War Without Firing A Single Shot

Ahmet Mehmet

In the Azerbaijan-Armenia tussle over Karabakh, Russia proved its mettle. It won the war without firing a single shot. Azerbaijan has regained control of the territory that rightly belongs to it but was illegally occupied by Armenia with western backing.


Suicide Bombings During Prophet’s Birthday Celebrations In Pakistan


Terrorist attacks have become routine in Pakistan. The victims are almost always innocent people. Merely condemnation will not solve the problem; the root causes of terrorism must be addressed. Only a representative government can do that, not an army-imposed regime.


Saudi-Israel Normalization Unlikely To Materialize

Zafar Bangash

Amid the US-Israel generated hype about normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia, the plan does not seem to be heading for fruition any time soon. Whether the Saudis will be able hold out on their demands, however, is a caveat. Only time will tell whether it succeeds.

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