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Dhu al-Qa'dah, 14442023-06-01

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 4

News & Analysis

Ultranationalism Won In Turkiye’s Run-off Presidential Elections

Ahmet Mehmet

The desperation to win elections can bring out the worst in people. This is what was witnessed in the second round of presidential elections in Turkiye. Instead of discussing real issues, both contestants tried to prove their ultranationalist credentials. It was not Turkiye’s finest hour!

Main Stories

Syria And The Fickle-minded Arab Rulers

Ayman Ahmed

After participating in the blood-bath of at least half-a-million people in Syria and turning millions into refugees for 11 years, the Arab rulers have realized that it is impossible to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Asad. He needs to be brought in back into the Arab fold.


Dealing With The Zionist Menace


Since the implantation of the zionist entity in the heartland of Islam, there has been no peace for the people of Palestine or indeed the broader region. The racist ideology of zionism must be defeated for there to be a chance for peace in the region.


Hajj: Some Forgotten Qur’anic Injunctions

Zafar Bangash

Hajj is one of the important obligations in Islam. Most Muslims perform it in a mechanical manner without realizing its true import based on the teachings of the Qur’an.


Better Conference Than Conflict

Abu Dharr

The persons around the Prophet (pbuh) were the founding fathers of Islamic self-determination. While not all of the same ranking, they were the first among the first (al-Sabiqeen). This was the generation of the Muhajiroon and the Ansar. They suffered persecution and torture but remained steadfast in their loyalty to the Prophet (pbuh).

News & Analysis

Flushing The US Out Of West Asia

Waseem Shehzad

The security of the Persian Gulf is the responsibility of regional states. Islamic Iran has consistently advocated this and has demanded that foreign forces should withdraw and let regional states determine its security.

News & Analysis

Russia, Islam and the Muslim world

Tahir Mustafa

Russia appears to have made a strategic decision to deepen its relations with the Muslim world. This is reflected in its trade and economic policies as well as treatment of its own Musims citizens who were in the past greatly oppressed.

News & Analysis

Pakistan: Generals Rule, OK?

Zia Sarhadi

The generals in Pakistan follow no rules and are answerable to no one. They have usurped all political space. The current crisis is the direct result of the generals’ refusal to allow the normal political process to continue to hold elections because they fear it will bring Imran Khan back to power. That is not what they want, hence the deep political crisis.

News & Analysis

China-Russia Trade On Track To Surpass $200 Billion In 2023

Zafar Bangash

With the US going berserk by imposing sanctions on China, Russia and a host of other countries, it has led to Moscow and Beijing to deepen their economic and military ties. China-Russia trade has surpassed US-China trade in 2023.

News & Analysis

Another Grim Anniversary Of The Brutal Murder Of Muslim Family In Canada

Khadijah Ali

On June 6, 2021, four members of the Afzaal family were brutally murdered by a hate-filled anti-Muslim person named Nathaniel Veltman in London, Ontario. He deliberately drove his truck into them crushing four members to death and seriously injuring the nine-year-old son. Little has been done to confront Islamophobia in Canada.

News & Analysis

Americans Are Eating Themselves To Death!

Khadijah Ali

McDonald’s is the best-known food brand in the US. It has now spread to many countries of the world. Yet, McDonald’s food is an extremely unhealthy food that humans can consume. It causes obesity and results in 300,000 deaths annually in the US.

News & Analysis

Rebuilding Al-Baqee Shrine: A Possible Outcome Of Saudi-Iran Rapprochement?

Omar Ahmed

Re-establishment of diplomatic ties between Tehran and Riyadh create a realistic opportunity to rebuild Al-Baqee, offering a chance to restore and revitalize the historically significant Islamic cemetery, while also reducing sectarian tensions fuelled by geopolitical rivalry.

News & Analysis

Global Trade Continues To Shift Towards Asia

Tahir Mahmoud

The $1.6 billion deal between Iran and Russia to build the Rasht-Astara rail link is another game-changer in global trade. It has changed trading patterns away from the western-dominated system to an independent system where the west can no longer blackmail others through sanctions.

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