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Shawwal, 14442023-05-01

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 3

Main Stories

Turkish Elections A Make-or-break Moment For Erdogan

Ahmet Mehmet

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s future hangs in the balance as the Turks head to presidential and parliamentary elections on May 14. After 21 years in power, Erdogan seems to have run out of ideas as his policies have failed. His opponents are staunchly pro-west and pro-Israel.


The End Of Pakistan As A State


A state must fulfill certain conditions: provide security to its citizens as well as food, education and healthcare. Justice is another important aspect. In Pakistan none of these services are available to the people. The state has not only failed but it has withered away.


Developing Taqwa To Cultivate The Islamic Personality

Zafar Bangash

Taqwa is an important concept in Islam. It has much deeper meanings than mere ‘piety’. The just-concluded month of Ramadan was meant to build our taqwa. With Ramadan’s end, our quest for taqwa, however, does not end. There are other routes to achieving taqwa.


Knowing Others Is Wisdom, Knowing Yourself Is Enlightenment

Abu Dharr

The Islamic system of governance as exemplified by the Prophet (pbuh) and his two successors should not be confused with the western concept of “democracy”. Islam’s system was and is unique. It needs to be understood well to avoid the pitfalls that emerge from faulting thinking

News & Analysis

EU Rulers Make A Beeline To Beijing As US Fumes On The Sidelines

Waseem Shehzad

The world is undergoing rapid change. China has emerged as a major global economic power. The Europeans have realized this and are scrambling to get in the good books of China, much to the annoyance of the US.

News & Analysis

Ex-President’s Legal Woes: “Trumped-Up” Charges, or Symptoms of US Decline?

Kevin Barrett

America’s terminal decline is reflected in the manner in which ex-president Donald Trump is being entangled in legal cases about election fraud. Sure, America is a thoroughly corrupt state. Money talks. Every politician is in someone’s pocket. So, what is new about Trump?

News & Analysis

As The War In Ukraine Grinds On, Russia And China Get Closer To Each Other

Tahir Mahmoud

The US proxy war in Ukraine against Russia and its deliberately provocative moves against China in Taiwan and the South China Sea have brought Russia and China closer to each other. The US only has itself to blame.

News & Analysis

Reasons Behind Major Shift In Saudi Position On Yemen

Brecht Jonkers

For eight years, the Saudis continued with a vicious war against the Yemeni people but made little headway. Recent developments show the Saudis have had a change of mind. What has forced them to change course and sue for peace?

News & Analysis

US Weaponization Of The Dollar Backfires As Countries Move To Abandon It

Tahir Mustafa

There has been talk of abandoning the US dollar for quite some time but only now have several countries taken practical steps to not use the dollar in trade transactions. This number is growing and the dollar may soon be reduced to the same level as the British pound or Japanese yen.

News & Analysis

Is The End Nigh For Zionist Israel?

Ayman Ahmed

Zionist Israel is an artificial entity. It illegally occupies the land of the Palestinians, the Indigenous people. The land is called Palestine. Zionist contradictions are fast catching up with and its demise in now being openly talked about by even many leading Israelis.

News & Analysis

Immigration As Indicator Of Global Power Shift

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

With rapid changes in global power dynamics, there is a great opportunity of Muslim countries to rise to the occasion by taking an Ummatic approach to immigration. Historically, people moved across Muslim lands without hindrance. Will Muslim countries adopt this policy?

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