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Rajab, 14452024-02-01

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 12

Main Stories

Israel’s Genocide In Gaza Continues

Ayman Ahmed

Despite the ICJ ruling of January 26 demanding the Israel take steps to prevent genocide, the zionist terrorists continue their attacks on unarmed Palestinian civilians in Gaza. The death toll has surpassed 26,000 with 6,000 injured, some of them critically.

Main Stories

Iran And Pakistan Walk Back From The Brink: Will It Last?

Zia Sarhadi

The tit-for-tat attacks between Iran and Pakistan shocked most observers. While both countries have walked back from the brink and vowed to resolve issues through dialogue, serious problems remain.


US Military Bases In West Asia


The West Asia region bristles with US military bases. It is not difficult to surmise who they are meant against. The illegitimate Arab regimes facilitate these bases to undermine the Islamic Republic.


From The Trench Of Al-Ahzab To The Tunnels Of Gaza

Zafar Bangash

The tunnels in Gaza have proved a very effective means of confronting the zionist invaders of Gaza. The Palestinian Islamic resistance has inflicted significant damage on the zionists. It has striking parallels with the trench the Muslims dug in Madinah as defence mechanism in the Battle of Ahzab.


It Is Better To Be Ignorant Than To Be Mistaken

Abu Dharr

After the Prophet (pbuh) left this earthly abode, those that took over leadership position of the Muslims did not impose themselves. Solidarity between the Muhajireen and Ansar was strong that enabled the Muslims to confront the challenge in the war of Riddah.

News & Analysis

Impact Of The Islamic Revolution On Global Politics

Tahir Mustafa

After the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini called for export of the revolution. The illegitimate Arab rulers thought Iranian forces would invade them. By export, the Imam meant exporting the idea as witnessed in the emergence of the Axis of Resistance.

News & Analysis

Iran’s Assembly Of Experts Elections May Prove Crucial For Its future

Zafar Bangash

The Assembly of Experts is a very important institution in Iran. It will hold elections on March 1. This election is crucial because the new assembly may have to elect a new Rahbar (Leader) of the Islamic revolution.

News & Analysis

Erdogan’s Actions Belie His Rhetoric Over Israeli Genocide In Gaza

Ahmet Mehmet

President Erdogan continues to display contradictory behavioural traits. His rhetoric in staunchly pro-Palestinian but Turkey’s trade and diplomatic ties with zionist Israel remain strong. Turkish-Israeli trade has grown amid the Israeli onslaught on Gaza.

News & Analysis

Syria And The Last Remnants Of Daesh Terrorists On Its Territory

Omar Ahmed

While Syria continues to grapple with the disruptive presence of Daesh terrorists, now confined to a small area, Damascus still faces multiple challenges. These include the illegal presence of US forces on its soil and Israel’s incessant attacks on its infrastructure killing both Iranian advisors and Syrians.

News & Analysis

Pakistan’s Largest Political Party, PTI Denied Election Symbol!

Waseem Shehzad

Pakistanis will go to the polls on February 8 but the largest political party—Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf led by Imran Khan—faces immense hurdles. Its leader remains in jail on bogus charges and the party has been denied its party symbol intended to hamper its supporters.

News & Analysis

Interests Of The Big Fish In The BRICS-plus Pond

Imran Khan

Emergence of an expanded BRICS has been hailed as a major challenge to the west-centric global order. Major players in BRICS, however, are not part of the Axis of Resistance and continue to seek a place in the old order.

News & Analysis

People In The West Have Grown Tired Of The Ukraine Conflict

Brecht Jonkers

The conflict in Ukraine had dominated news headlines since February 2022 when Russia launched is “special military operation”. This has now been eclipsed by the Israeli war on Gaza but people in the west have grown tired of Ukraine. They see it as a financial and political burden.

News & Analysis

Collapse Of The US-centric Global Order And Its Aftermath

Tahir Mahmoud

The US-centric global order is collapsing. Countries are beginning to seek their own avenues to protect their interests. This is evident even in Europe that has traditionally been a thinly-disguised US colony.

Islamic Movement

Beware Of False Scholars Promoting American Islam

Salina Khan

Muslims continue to be confused by Imams that promote American Islam. It is not by following this brand of Islam but by remaining faithful to teachings of the Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah that Muslims will make progress.

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