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Rajab, 14432022-03-01

Crescent International Vol. 51, No. 1

Main Stories

Muslims Face Serious Risk of Genocide in India

Khurshid Alam

News from India continues to raise alarm. The Hindutva fascists are determined to turn India into an exclusivist Hindu state. Their primary target is the 200 million Muslims. They have launched a policy of genocide. Unless the Muslim world takes immediate action, it may be too late to save the Muslims.

Main Stories

Seven Years of Saudi War Crimes—and Defeats—in Yemen

Kevin Barrett

The Saudi regime continues to perpetrated horrific war crimes in Yemen. It is backed by western imperialist regimes as well as mercenaries yet it has failed to achieve any of its objectives. Instead, it has faced defeat on multiple fronts.


50 years of Crescent International


We in the Crescent International are proud to mark an important landmark: 50 years of publication despite great difficulties. We thank Allah and our small but dedicated list of supporters. That Crescent International is the only international Islamic English language magazine in the world today is reflective of the sad state of journalism in the Muslim world.


Attempts to Secularize Islam Continue

Zafar Bangash

That the imperialists would want to undermine Islam and its pristine values is understandable even if unacceptable but what should one make of Muslims that deliberately distort Islam’s teachings. Their assault on the necessity of establishing the Islamic State is part of this dangerous project.


The Tooth Often Bites The Tongue, Yet They Keep Together

Abu Dharr

In his continuing series, Abu Dharr highlights the close relationship between Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali (may Allah be pleased with them all), striking a blow at the sectarians of all stripes.

News & Analysis

America Tortures Gitmo Inmates While Shamelessly Lectures Others About Human Rights

Khadijah Ali

The prisoners at Guantanamo Bay must not be forgotten. These are the victims of American barbarism. While the US lectures others about human rights, its own record of abuse should be repeatedly exposed to let the world know its true nature

News & Analysis

Continuing War Against The Afghan People by Starvation

Brecht Jonkers

US and Nato forces were soundly defeated by the Taliban in open combat. While running away from Afghanistan, the Americans have continued their war on the Afghan people by withholding their foreign reserves and starving Afghan children and women.

News & Analysis

Rethinking Kashmir Strategy

Tahir Mahmoud

There is need to rethink Kashmir strategy because the old approach has not yielded the desired results. India’s cost of occupation of Kashmir must be escalated to the point where it would outstrip the benefits.

News & Analysis

Muslim Responsibility for Preserving The Sanctity of Makkah and al-Madinah

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

The policies pursued by Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman threaten the sanctity of Makkah and al-Madinah. The two holy cities are the common heritage of the Ummah. It is, therefore, the responsibility of all Muslims worldwide to take steps to protect the two holy cities.

News & Analysis

Being Poor And Weak may be Risky; Being Rich And Weak is Disastrous!

Waseem Shehzad

The world is not governed by any rules despite loud claims to the contrary. Might is right dictates how relations and policies are formulated. This is especially true for countries with enormous wealth but no capacity to defend such riches. We examine the plight of some rich but militarily weak countries.

News & Analysis

‘Civilized’ Barbarians

Zafar Bangash

Colonialism was of two kinds: one in which the European colonial powers occupied other peoples’ land for plunder and ultimately returned home. The second was permanent occupation such as in North America, Australia and New Zealand. This necessitated the genocide of indigenous people. We examine the Europeans’ genocide of Native peoples in North America.

News & Analysis

Early Zionists Refused Entry to Elderly, Sick Jews into Palestine

Ayman Ahmed

The Zionists make much fuss about the plight of Jews in Europe before and during the Second World War. The fact is, they did not care for the sick and elderly. The Zionists’ objective was to use the suffering of the Jewish people to create the zionist state of Israel in Palestine.

News & Analysis

Ukraine: The 1914 Moment Looms Over Europe in 2022

Our Own Correspondent

As western media outlets continue their fixation with news from Russia and NATO capitals over the unpredictable geopolitical developments in Ukraine, the end game for all sides remains unclear and not properly understood. While both Russia and NATO regimes adjust their objectives and tactics based on the rapidly evolving situation, there are certain fixed points.

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