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Rajab, 14422021-03-01

Crescent International Vol. 50, No. 1

Main Stories

America’s Founding Myths: Manifest Destiny, Exceptionalism and Other Nonsense

Zafar Bangash

All countries rely on myths to project their image but American myths about its greatness and as a light unto other nations are repeated so often that most people have come to believe them. The reality is very different.

Main Stories

Can US Political Divide be Bridged? The Short Answer is No

Kevin Barrett

America is a deeply divided society today. Events of the last few months have brought these divisions to the fore. Can Americans overcome such divisions? The chances of reconciliation appear slim.


The Iran Nuclear Deal


There is much talk about how to save the Iran nuclear deal. There is a simple solution: the US must lift all sanctions illegally imposed on Iran when Donald Trump walked away from the deal in 2018. Joe Biden says Iran must take the first step. That is a non-starter; he must snap into reality.


Isra wal Mi‘raj

Zafar Bangash

Muslims have a tendency to speak about the miraculous nature of the event of Isra wal Mi‘raj. It would be far more helpful if they focus on the circumstances that led to this great event. Muslims would learn much from reviewing these circumstances in the life-struggle of the noble Messenger (pbuh).


Don’t Find Fault with What You don’t Understand

Abu Dharr

In his continuing series on Hadith compilation, Abu Dharr calls upon Muslim from both sides of the sectarian divide to set aside their preconceived ideas and begin to see the other’s point of view with an open mind.

News & Analysis

Some Indian Media Outlets Expose Modi’s Complicity in the Pulwama Attack

Tahir Mahmoud

Two years ago, when Indian troops were attacked near Pulwama in Indian occupied Kashmir, Delhi blamed it on militants from Pakistan. Recent revelations in some Indian media outlets have exposed the Modi regime’s complicity. It had advance knowledge of the attack but chose not to prevent it in order to boost its electoral chances in the April 2019 elections.

News & Analysis

Connectivity: The New Buzzword to Promote Trade between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey

Waseem Shehzad

As neighbors, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey are natural candidates for road and rail links. Hitherto the railway connectivity was ignored but China’s Road and Belt Initiative has given boost to plans to build railway tracks to link the three countries and open the way for trade with Europe.

News & Analysis

Why Leftist Dogmas Failed During the Islamic Revolution in Iran

Tahir Mustafa

Prior to the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran, groups in various countries vied for supremacy by aligning with either the West (capitalism) or the East (Communism). In Iran, the people turned to their own values derived from Islam. They won, and won big.

News & Analysis

Yemen Approaches Sixth Year of Brutal War

Brecht Jonkers

The month of March will mark six years of the brutal Saudi-led war on Yemen. Far from achieving any of its objectives, the Saudis and their allies have been given a bloody nose. The US as principal backer of Saudi Arabia has realized the futility of the war and wants to end it.

News & Analysis

What has Stymied Pakistan’s progress?

Zia Sarhadi

Despite its immense potential, Pakistan has not made the progress it deserves. We look at the reasons for this failure and what can be done to rectify them.

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