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Sha'ban, 14382017-05-01

Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 3

Main Stories

Erdogan becomes Sultan, but just by a hair

Mehmet Gul

Failed coup becomes pretext for absolute rule as referendum deepens Turkey’s divisions

News & Analysis

Candidates, issues in Iran's presidential election

Zafar Bangash

Islamic Iran is heading for its 12th presidential election since the victory of the Islamic revolution in 1979. Six candidates have been approved for the May 19 poll.


Fore-think, though you cannot fore-tell

Abu Dharr

The success of the Islamic revolution in Iran exposed the secular nationalists both in Iran and the rest of the Muslim world.

Special Reports

Picking up the cold-war pieces

Eric Walberg

Whatever the West touches, it destroys. Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia show the evidence of Western meddling and aggression.

News & Analysis

Trump takes world to brink of nuclear war

Waseem Shehzad

Donald Trump and his minions are threatening the world with nuclear weapons while they accuse North Korean leaders of being ‘irrational’!

Editor's Desk

The real Axis of Evil


Hindu India, Zionist Israel and imperial America form the real axis of evil.


O'Reilly gets the boot!

Zafar Bangash

The nastiest television talk-show host, exposed as a sexual predator, has been knocked off his perched.


The crumbling facade of Western democracy

Zafar Bangash

Elites in Western societies are in panic. Elections are no longer yielding the results they had hoped for.


Bani Saud and Bani Israel

Zafar Bangash

Two alien regimes, in occupation of holy lands, are forced by circumstances to declare their unholy alliance.

News & Analysis

Understanding Trump's state 'craft'

Tahir Mahmoud

The president’s irascibility can be leveraged for more war.

News & Analysis

Moving toward economic and social justice

Khalil Abdul-Rahman

Strategies, tools, and methods for success in a world dominated by warlords.

Special Reports

Socio-political thought of Iranian 'Ulama

Blake Archer Williams

The sacred community versus the civil society: two different worldviews.

Special Reports

High price of the 'American Dream'

Khadijah Ali

The “American dream” is touted as every person’s nirvana. The reality is different and harsh.

Book Review

The world as prison

Eric Walberg

Incarceration, meant as punishment, is turning out to be a medium of education for victims.

Special Reports

Demographic changes in Kashmir

Shaikh Tajammul ul-Islam

On the advise of the Zionists, the Hindu Nazis are busy changing the demographic composition of Kashmir.

Letters To The Editor

Trump: lies, aggression

Shakeel Anwar

To wage wars of aggression, Trump tells lies to justify them. This has been the US pattern for decades.

Letters To The Editor

Violent JDL thugs

Askia Wejd

The Jewish Defence [Offence] League is made of violent Zionists. Banned in the US, they operate freely in Canada to terrorist law-abiding citizens.

Letters To The Editor

Human suffering

Ayesha C. Pollock

Why are some people considered worthy of more attention than others? Hypocrisy about this phenomenon must be exposed.

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