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Rabi' al-Awwal, 14382016-12-01

Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 10

Main Stories

Aleppo’s liberation on the horizon

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Syrian forces make rapid progress with Russian air support against the terrorists in eastern Aleppo. Next stop will be Raqqa.


Joy to the world, the Word has come

Abu Dharr

This month marks the birthday celebrations of the last two great Prophets of Allah. What is common between them is that they both stood for social justice, something most of their followers seem to have forgotten because they seem to have become engrossed in rituals.

Special Reports

Rise of China: what it means for the Ummah

Manzur Alam Tipu

In about 10 years, China’s GDP will surpass that of the US. What does China’s economic and military power mean for the Muslim world?

Special Reports

Similarities between occupation of Kashmir and Palestine

Ken Stone

The problems of Kashmir and Palestine both date back to 1947. While Palestine is well known globally, Kashmir is virtually an unknown entity. Ken Stone of the Canadian Peace Alliance thinks it ought to be brought into mainstream.

News & Analysis

What drives Modi’s anti-Pakistan policy?

Shahid Alam

Narendra Modi’s anti-Pakistan policy is driven both by internal compunctions and external factors. The bottom line is to appeal to Hindu fascists from whose ranks Modi has emerged.

Editor's Desk

30,000 more illegal settlements in Palestine


The Zionists are continuing to create facts on the ground by a furious campaign of illegal settlements on lands stolen from the Palestinian people.


Nigerian army attacks IMN, again

Zafar Bangash

Nigerian army’s sole purpose of existence seems to be to attack and kill as many members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria as it possibly can. Following the army’s massacre of 1,000 members of IMN last December, it embarked on another bloodbath last month.


India’s dangerous escalation in Kashmir

Zafar Bangash

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing the region towards nuclear conflict that will cost the Hindu state dearly.


The Trumpalization of America!

Zafar Bangash

Defying all predictions, Donald Trump won the US presidential elections against his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. He has exposed the US establishment and what it stands for.

News & Analysis

Hariri faction submits to ground realities in Lebanon

Tahir Mustafa

Lebanon finally has a president in 29 months. Saad Hariri, a former prime minister, had to submit to ground realities by accepting the choice of Hizbullah, his political rivals, for president.

News & Analysis

Turkey’s post-coup crackdown targets Muslim opposition

Ahmet Aslan

Under the guise of weeding out members of the Gulenist cult from various state institutions, Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan has embarked upon the wholesale arrest of committed Muslims.

News & Analysis

Donald Trump and his right-wing crowd

Tahir Mahmoud

President-elect Donald Trump has made his intentions clear by appointing rightwing extremists into his administration. Almost all of them are extreme Islamophobes.

Islamic Movement

The transformative power of the Sirah of the noble Messenger (pbuh)

Zafar Bangash

The noble Messenger (saws) was sent not only to inform but also to transform humanity by bringing it out of darkness and into light. Muslims ought to pay attention to this aspect of the Sirah in this month of Rabi al Awwal.

Letters To The Editor

Little sympathy for two peoples

Abdul Jalil Khan

Letter writer Abdul Jalil Khan says he has no sympathy for the people of America and Saudi Arabia, one for elected a racist as president and the other for tolerating a family of crooks.

Letters To The Editor

Don’t mess with Iran deal

Ghulam Deen

If the US were to try and meddle with the Iran deal, it would end up as loser.

Letters To The Editor

Kashmiris have already won!

Ashfaq Butt

By sustaining their campaign against a 700,000-strong army of occupation, the Kashmiris have shown they are not cowed down by oppression and terror. This in itself is their victory.

Letters To The Editor

Takfiris exposed

Jamaluddin Ahmed

Donald Trump’s election has caused panic among the takfiris who see their finances and support coming to an end.

Letters To The Editor


Ahmed Mukhtar

There is a clear break between the Egyptians and Saudis despite the Saudis having given billions in aid to Cairo.

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