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Rajab, 14252004-09-01

Crescent International Vol. 33, No. 7

Guest Editorial

In Iran, as elsewhere, there are Muslims effectively working for the US

Abu Dharr

One of the virtues of the Islamic Revolution of a quarter of a century ago, and of its forthright and plain-spoken leadership, was its ability to go beyond generalizations and vague language. The Muslims of the world have been in a linguistic limbo for ages. Such words as “kafir,” “mushrik,” “munafiq,” “mustakbireen,” “mustad’afeen,” etc...

Book Review

Comprehensive overview and analysis of the history of Muslims in Britain

Laila Juma

The Infidel Within: Muslims in Britain since 1800 by Humayun Ansari. Pub: Hurst & Co. Ltd., London, 2004. Pages: 438. Pbk: £16.95.


Resistance and realism among Iraqi Shi’as as Mahdi Army defy US forces in Najaf


One of the questions asked before the so-called transfer of power from US pro-consul Paul Bremer to Iyad Allawi at the end of June was whether the new Iraqi government would be able to prevent another brutal and murderous US assault on an Iraqi city like the one on Falluja in April...


Saudi plan to send Muslim troops to support US in Iraq confirms their irredeemable illegitimacy


The fact that the Saudi monarchy is among the most corrupt regimes in the Muslim world, and remains in power only because they serve the interests of the US rather than because of any legitimacy among Muslims, has long been generally accepted throughout the Ummah...


Venezuelans reject US plans for their country yet again


Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, won a clear victory in last month’s recall referendum, called by the country’s US-supported right-wing opposition in yet another attempt -- albeit a constitutional one this time -- to remove the popular left-wing leader...


Clothing, colonization and spiritual identity

Yusuf Al-Khabbaz

Clothing must be among the most important but least analyzed sites of colonization. The works that examine the connection between colonization and clothing concentrate almost entirely on the material dimension of dress...

Occupied Arab World

Iraq's economy crippled by heavy debt and foreign hegemony

Mustafa Jalal

On June 28, after a hurried transfer of power to a few Iraqi cronies, Paul Bremer, who used to be the undisputed ruler of Iraq, boarded a military airplane without even waiting to receive John Negroponte, the newly appointed American ambassador to Iraq...

Occupied Arab World

Massive suffering and devastation in Najaf, as US tries to break Iraqi Shi’a resistance

Ahmad Musa

Hundreds of Iraqis were killed, and the centre of the holy city of Najaf, the home of the shrine of Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra), devastated by a massive American assault on the city which lasted for most of August...

Occupied Arab World

Factors behind the Palestinian challenge to Yasser Arafat

Mustafa Jalal

The state of insecurity and political conflict that occurred in the Ghazzah Strip last July is regarded by most observers as a dangerous development in the Palestinian situation, and as a threat to the international and regional status of the Palestinian cause...


The importance of re-examining the Seerah of the Prophet

Zafar Bangash

Muslims need to study the Seerah from its proper perspective: as a guide for us to plan our lives, both collectively and individually, especially by which to acquire power and the ability to do and achieve in the world.

South-East Asia

Indonesian general acquitted of Tanjung Priok massacre

Abdar Rahman Koya

Since the fall of Suharto Indonesia's journey to ‘democracy' has been marked by court trials involving its past rulers. Curiously, any trial in Indonesia attracts western attention to their disputed ‘credibility'...


Proposal to use Shari’ah for family disputes in Canada exposes secular Muslims

Crescent International

hat a proposal to use the Shari‘ah to arbitrate in Muslim family disputes in the province of Ontario should evoke vehement opposition from a Muslim group--the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW)--has shocked the 700,000-strong Muslim community in Canada...


CIA appointment suggests little is likely to change in Washington

Waseem Shehzad

President George Bush's aggressive and militaristic policies have not only alienated millions of people abroad, but have also caused deep fissures at home. The American society has never been more divided, nor more vulnerable than under Bush and his extremist ideologues (better known as the neocons)...


India still facing increasing separatist tendencies

Qazi Umar

Dr B. R. Ambedkar, architect of the Indian constitution, defined Indian independence as the "transfer of British imperialism to Brahminic hegemony". August 15 marked the 57th anniversary of this event...


Islamic Iran warns US against pre-emptive strike against it in run-up to US elections

Zia Sarhadi

After months of virulent anti-Iran propaganda by zionists and Americans, becoming more strident daily as the US presidential elections draw near, the Islamic Republic hit back with a warning of its own...


Darfur rebels bid for cessation at talks in Nigeria

M.A. Shaikh

The continuing support for the rebels in Darfur and the relentless blame of the Sudanese government and so-called "Janjaweed militias" for the mayhem by the ‘international community' may reasonably be held responsible for the failure of peace in Sudan's eastern region, which has been in the grip of unrest for a year...


Wealthy nations secure their interests at the World Trade Organization

M.S. Ahmed

The interim deal recently struck in Geneva by the World Trade Organisation's 147 members, which purports to commit rich countries to slashing their trade-distorting farm-subsidies and opening their markets to agricultural products, has been described variously as "historic" and as a "catastrophe for the poor"...

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