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Safar, 14252004-04-01

Crescent International Vol. 33, No. 2


Guantanamo, Karbala, Ghazzah, Madrid: the ubiquity of modern political violence


Even by modern standards, the last month has been spectacularly bloody in the scale of the political violence seen. It opened with the Ashura killings in Iraq and Pakistan, in which several hundred Shi’a were slaughtered...

Occupied Arab World

Palestinians promise a new phase of intifada after assassination of Shaikh Ahmed Yassin

Iqbal Siddiqui

The assassination of Shaikh Ahmed Yassin as he returned to his home after fajr prayers on March 22, 2004 (Safar 1, 1425) was a shock but not a surprise. Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon had declared him to be at the top of the list for assassination, and he had survived an attempt on his life in September last year, when Israeli fighter aircraft fired several missiles at the building in which he was staying...

Occupied Arab World

Kurdish unrest highlights internal and external problems facing Syria

M.S. Ahmed

The recent flare-up of ethnic violence involving Syria’s Kurdish minority (apparently inspired by the constitutional gains made by the Kurds in Iraq) and the growing US pressure on Damascus to sign a peace deal with Israel and "end its occupation" of Lebanon, indicate the increasing threats to the stability of a country that is already undermined by the enduring alliance between the ruling Asad dynasty and the Ba’ath party...

Guest Editorial

The foreign policy of the Islamic state and the line of the Imam

Abu Dharr

One of the first messages to have been proclaimed by the Islamic Revolution and the line of the Imam was that the Islamic Revolution in Iran is neither of eastern nor of western affiliation...

Book Review

Paulo Freire’s classic on the nature of oppression throughout society

Zawahir Siddique

Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire (30th anniversary edition). Pub: Continuum International, New York, 2003. Pp: 183. Pbk: $15.95.


Aznar’s defeat a warning for Bush and Blair


José María Aznar, the right wing prime minister of Spain who was the only European leader to join George Bush and Tony Blair in their invasion of Iraq, paid the price for his defiance of Spanish public opinion on March 14, when the Spanish electorate voted him out of office...


Cricket a poor reward for Pakistan’s surrender


Production of this issue of Crescent International has been considerably hampered by the fact that it has coincided with the series of one-day cricket matches between Pakistan and India at the beginning of the Indian team’s first tour of Pakistan since 1989...


Muslims and the problem of modern entertainment

Yusuf Al-Khabbaz

An increasing proportion of popular entertainment in Muslim countries now comes from the West, particularly the US. YUSUF KHABBAZ discusses whether such entertainment is proper for Muslim families and societies.

Islamic Movement

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Toronto

Ayesha Khan

Among the many functions around the world celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution was one in Toronto, Canada.

Occupied Arab World

Much ado about reform in Egypt

Mohamed Yehia

In the first week of March the scene in Egypt could well have come out of a black comedy. The General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood launched an initiative for reform in Egypt in a press conference held at the Press Association...

Occupied Arab World

Iraqi anger as governing council signs US-dictated constitution

Ahmad Musa

Considering the fact that divisions inherent in Iraqi society are supposed to be the greatest problem facing Iraq as it seeks a new future following the American occupation, there seemed to be remarkable consensus among Iraqis of most communities following the signing of the American-dictated interim constitution on March 8, 2004...


The importance of understanding the Seerah of the Prophet

Zafar Bangash

Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala says that the Messenger, upon whom be peace, was sent with clear signs and guidance in order to bring those who commit themselves to Allah, and undertake the tasks commanded by Him to maintain peace, justice and balance in society, out of darkness and into light (65:11)...

South-East Asia

PAS loses out as UMNO makes a comeback in Malaysian elections

Abdar Rahman Koya

The results of the general elections held on March 21 in Malaysia were as expected (see Crescent, March 2004): a return to the pre-Anwar-Ibrahim saga situation...


Afghan elections in doubt as US launches new offensive

Zia Sarhadi

Two-and-a-half years after occupying Afghanistan, ostensibly to bring peace to the warn-torn country, the Americans are no closer to achieving their objectives than they were when they attacked in October 2001...


Tensions in Kosova again after Serbs kill Muslim children

M.A. Shaikh

It is not as unfair as it might sound to describe the management of Kosova’s affairs (mismanagement, according to many analysts) by the UN and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) as meddling...


Pakistani military operations in Waziristan turn into fiasco

Waseem Shehzad

It was supposed to be a mopping-up operation, with a number of al-Qa’ida and Taliban suspects being arrested and presented as trophies to Colin Powell, the visiting US secretary of state...

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