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Jumada' al-Ula', 14242003-07-16

Crescent International Vol. 32, No. 10

Islamic Movement

Dangers of ‘democratising’ Islam and Muslim political discourse

Iqbal Siddiqui

The relationship between Islam and ‘democracy’ dominates much of contemporary Islamic political thought, particularly among western-educated and ‘modernist’ Muslim intellectuals.

Occupied Arab World

Algerians wait to see results of FIS leaders’ release from jail

Our Own Correspondent

Abbas Madani, the leader of Algeria’s banned Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) and his deputy, Ali Belhadj, were released from house arrest and jail respectively on July 2...

Occupied Arab World

US intelligence agencies determine Arab states’ security agendas

M.A. Shaikh

US intelligence agencies, whose operatives now maintain a strong presence in Arab capitals and rural areas, play a decisive role in determining what organisations, or individuals, are to be classified as terrorists or financiers of terrorism, and therefore prosecuted or banned.

Occupied Arab World

Syrian leader under pressure to reform the system inherited from his father

M.S. Ahmed

Bashar al-Asad, who succeeded his father, Hafez, as president in July 2000, has come under strong attack from Syrian human-rights groups, not only for failing to reform the repressive political and judicial systems he has inherited...

South-East Asia

Indonesian army revises deadline to deal with Aceh, as Muslim leaders indulge in sovereignty talk

Abdar Rahman Koya

Indonesian authorities in charge of the recently declared martial law in Aceh have announced that martial law has achieved "100 per cent" control of the territory. However, army chief general Endriartono Sutarto was quick to add that "of course we cannot say security is 100 percent guaranteed", according to the Jakarta Post (July 2).


Musharraf demonstrates his subservience to US by calling for ‘normalisation’ of relations with Israel

Zafar Bangash

General Pervez Musharraf’s call for the recognition of zionist Israel, made during his visit to the US last month, hit the people of Pakistan like a bombshell. During a television interview on June 29, he called for an open debate in the media.


Military tribunals just the latest part of US’s war on Islamic dissidents

Ahmad Musa

US military authorities said on July 3 that president George W. Bush has selected six of the estimated 680 Muslim detainees illegally held at the Guantanamo Bay naval base for trial by military tribunal and possible execution.

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