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Occupied Arab World

Zionists spread more tainted blood among Muslims

Khalil Marwan

The Zionists, it seems, are infatuated with blood. Tainted blood, that is, which they want to spread among the rest of the population in the Middle East. Palestinians and Arabs, who are predominantly Muslims, but among them are also some Christians, are the recipients of this latest poisoned gift of the Zionists.

With the deadly disease AIDS spreading rapidly among the Zionists because of their lifestyle (remember, the Zionists are part of the west where sexual anarchy has led to the spread of this killer disease), they want to share the misery with others. As if not enough suffering has been inflicted on the Muslims - Palestinians as well as non-Palestinians - the Zionists continue to indulge in other criminal behaviour.

The latest Israeli outrage about using tainted blood to infect people in the Middle East was highlighted last month by the Egyptian daily Roz al-Yusuf. Quoting senior Arab League officials, the daily wrote: ‘A reliable source at the Arab League provided details of the report circulated by the League to its member States warning of imported blood units contaminated with the AIDS virus, hepatitis and bilharzia. The blood units were manufactured by an Austrian company and Israel treated them before they were sent to Arab and Third World nations,’ the paper wrote on August 24.

The Austrian company is Alpovina. The details came to light when the Arab League’s representative in Vienna, ambassador Samir Hamza, was told by the secretary general of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce that ‘there are quantities of blood and plasma tainted with viruses and diseases which were prepared for export to a number of Asian and developing countries, among them Arab States,’ according to Roz al-Yusuf. The daily was quoting Dr Hussein Hamuda, head of the Health Authority at the Arab League.

‘When the Austrian authorities discovered this, they questioned the company’s owner. He was asked if the shipment had been transferred to Israel and ôtreatedö by it with the injection of substances such as the AIDS virus, hepatitis B and bilharzia and then returned to Austria to his company. The owner responded in the affirmative. And when asked again if the blood would harm people and cause fatal illnesses, he responded affirmatively...’, the daily reported.

The tainted blood story is not the first, nor is it likely to be the last, as far as the zionists are concerned. In January 1997, the Hebrew daily, Ha’aretz had reported that at least 350 Palestinian children had been injected with AIDS-infected blood by Israeli doctors. From Ha’aretz the story was picked up by the Egyptian daily, Al-Ahram, which published it in its issue of January 22, 1997. When the story broke out, it created quite a stir in Egypt, especially among doctors who demanded that Cairo take up the issue with the zionist regime.

The Israeli Hebrew daily had also suggested that there may be other cases of AIDS-infected blood injected into Palestinian children. It had simply reported on the 350 cases that had come to light.

As recently as last July, it was revealed by western news agencies, among them Reuters and Agence France Presse, that Israeli companies had been dumping toxic chemicals near Palestinian villages on the West Bank. The villages of Azzun, Qalqilya and Tulkarm were mentioned as places where toxic waste was dumped causing an alarming rise in incidents of cancer-related deaths (see Muslimedia - August 16-31, 1998.).

Muslim regimes - in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Oman and Qatar as well as Morocco, Indonesia and Malaysia - which are eager to trade with Israel, ought to bear these Zionist tactics in mind. Theirs is the most criminal mindset. When the Zionists do not hesitate to kill their own people (Zionist agents had blown up the main synagogue in Baghdad in 1950 to force the exodus of Iraqi Jews to Israel who had earlier refused to go there), then they would not hesitate to inflict suffering on others. Would Arab/Muslim populations be safe from the kinds of products the Zionists ship to their country?

Having tried everything else to wipe out the Palestinians and failed, the Zionists have now resorted to these criminal methods. Tainted blood seems to be their favourite ploy because it can be slipped through unsuspectingly, especially if they use front companies in other countries.

This brings us to the question of the role of Jews outside Occupied Palestine. The vast majority are willing accomplices in the crimes the Zionist State perpetrates. This is no longer a secret. In his 1990 book, Beyond Deception, the former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky had admitted that Jews around the world are used as agents, couriers and messengers by Mossad. Now, it seems, Jews are being used to send tainted blood to Muslim and ‘third world’ countries so that their populations can be decimated.

As the Egyptian daily, Roz al-Yusuf, in reporting the latest Israeli crime, rhetorically asked: ‘Is Israel waging chemical and biological warfare against the Arab States and Islam?’ Muslims should have no doubts about it.

The global Islamic Movement should launch a campaign to boycott Israeli products because they are indulging in crimes against humanity on a mass scale. It would be no use crying about the spread of AIDS and other deadly diseases draining the resources of Muslim and ‘third world’ countries and decimating their populations if they do not take preventative measures now.

Israeli is a plague. It has rightly been called the cancer of the Middle East. It must be rooted out to save humanity from this scourge.

Muslimedia: September 16-30, 1998

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 27, No. 14

Jumada' al-Ula' 25, 14191998-09-16

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