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Jumada' al-Ula', 14191998-09-16

Crescent International Vol. 27, No. 14

Book Review

Need for studying the Seerah from a power perspective

Iqbal Siddiqui

The death of Dr Kalim Siddiqui in April 1996 deprived the Islamic movement of an intellectual and a leader whose loss has been sorely felt. His last book, Stages of Islamic Revolution, was published just days before his death. Now, over two years later, his final paper, Political Dimensions of the Seerah, has been published for the first time.


More 'Islamization' of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with the fifteenth amendment

K M Azam

Pakistan is fast approaching a threatening social chasm, representing not the conventional divide between the secular and the religious but within the religious community itself.

Occupied Arab World

Zionists spread more tainted blood among Muslims

Khalil Marwan

The Zionists, it seems, are infatuated with blood. Tainted blood, that is, which they want to spread among the rest of the population in the Middle East.

South-East Asia

Indonesian army kills more civilians even as it admits to past crimes

Hamid Papang

Displaying characteristic brutality, personnel of the Indonesian armed forces (ABRI) shot and injured several students in front of the parliament building in Jakarta on September 7.

Special Reports

In Muslim Turkey, battle looms on the education front

Yusuf Progler

Turkey appears once again to be headed for turmoil. In this 700-year old country of 70 million Muslims, the seven-decade old military government is at war with Islam, imposing western secularism under the boots of Mustafa Kemal’s generals.

Special Reports

Pakistan: from euphoria to despair in three months

Zia Sarhadi

Never have a country’s rulers shown so much incompetence in such a short period of time as demonstrated by those in power in Pakistan.

Special Reports

Coming to grips with the Taliban

Crescent International

The Taliban in Afghanistan reflect the danger of Muslims playing pawns in the hands of others, especially anti-Muslim forces. The product of British and American intrigue, the Taliban have now assumed a life of their own but are still susceptible to manipulation by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, two regimes beholden to the US.


No Asians or Aboriginal rights but we Ossies are no racists

Our Own Correspondent

Australian politicians and pundits are lining up to express their dismay at the return of racism to public life, urging the electorate not to vote for Ms Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in the snap October 3 election called partly to contain its growing threat to the main political parties.


Nuclear tests boost Kashmir dispute into prominence

Zafar Bangash

India has had a rough couple of weeks as far as Kashmir is concerned. First it was president Nelson Mandela of South Africa who in his welcome address to the non-aligned movement (NAM) summit meeting in Durban on September 2, offered international mediation to resolve the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan.


Kemalist fanatics make common cause with Zionist zealots

Abul Fadl

When Turkish prime minister Mesut Yilmaz hobnobbed with Israeli leaders on September 7, there were hardly any quizzical eyebrows raised. This is furthur affirmation of the close ties with Tel Aviv which have long been assiduously cultivated by the Turkish secularist political elites and their shoulder-boarded godfathers in the military.


Mass trial of Muslims in Paris adds insult to injury

M.S. Ahmed

The prosecutors in the trial of 138 Muslim men and women which opened in Paris on September 1 did not even bother to present any evidence of guilt, relying instead on mere innuendo and assertions that the accused had maintained links with ‘terrorist groups’ in Algeria before their arrest in 1994 and 1995.


UK bill targets Muslims’ rights, freedom

Iqbal Siddiqui

Muslims in Britain are facing increasing difficulties in their support of the global Islamic movement, and threats to their human rights and civil liberties, after new ‘Anti-Terrorist’ legislation was rushed through Parliament in less that 48 hours early this month.

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